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Recent News & Announcements

TPMG James River Pediatrics is growing and pleased to welcome their newest team member, Paula Pittinger, FNP-C.

Paula has nearly 20 years of experience in medicine. Prior to joining TPMG, she served 16 years in emergency medicine and gastroenterology. As a provider, she strives to ensure that patients and their family members are well educated on their treatment plan. A firm believer in health promotion and disease prevention, Paula emphasizes patience and effective communication, especially while managing younger patients.

To learn more about Paula, visit her provider page.

TPMG Williamsburg Urology welcomes Rosemary Slutsky, FNP-C to the practice.

As a board certified family nurse practitioner, Rosemary is committed to providing compassionate and considerate care to patients. She firmly believes in fostering strong relationships between healthcare providers and patients, and she works diligently to develop a personalized care plan that aligns with their specific health goals. Rosemary specializes in treating a wide variety of urologic conditions, including urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate and bladder disorders, and female urinary incontinence among others.

Discover more about Rosemary here on her provider page.

Saturday Screening Mammograms

We understand that life gets busy, especially during the work week. That is why TPMG Imaging and Breast Centers in Newport News, Williamsburg, and Hampton offer Saturday mammogram appointments on select dates throughout the year. 

Our fellowship trained radiologists offer imaging services in private, discrete mammography suites. Annual screening mammograms are fully covered by most insurance carriers one time per year for patients starting at age 40.

Join us for our next Screening Mammogram event on Saturday, March 9 from 8:00am to 4:00pm at all three of our Peninsula locations.

Appointments can be made by contacting the TPMG Imaging and Breast Centers in Newport News at (757) 873-1936, Williamsburg at (757) 707-3510, Hampton at (757) 504-1170, or through your Primary Care Provider's office. Space is limited.

At TPMG, transparency and patient care are paramount. The cost of your care should be affordable. Hospitals' rates are often thousands of dollars more for the exact same study with added facility fees. See how our prices compare to local competitors here in our price comparison guide.

Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 10-16

Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual recognition event intended to encourage everyone to learn more about health care safety. During this week, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) seeks to advance important discussions locally and globally, and inspire action to improve the safety of the health care system — for patients and the workforce. This week serves as a dedicated time and platform for growing awareness about patient safety and recognizing the work already being done.

Learn more about TPMG's commitment to patient safety here.

Awards and Accolades

TPMG Urology - Newport News has been awarded top compliance for post-vasectomy and infertility testing in our region. This recognition reflects the practice's commitment to unwavering excellence and providing patients with the highest standards in care. They extend a heartfelt gratitude to their esteemed partners at Fellow, as well as their exceptional representatives Nicole and Cody for their invaluable support and collaboration.

This award serves as a powerful motivation to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional outcomes in the field of reproductive health.


TPMG Urology - Newport News

860 Omni Boulevard, Suite 107 | Newport News, VA 23606 | Phone (757) 873-2562

Phlebotomist Recognition Week was celebrated February 12-16, honoring phlebotomists' role in maintaining patient health and promoting lab efficiency and effectiveness.

According to the CDC Division of Laboratory Systems, 70% of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory test results, with phlebotomists playing a very important role in this process. Their patients are often less than thrilled to see them for a variety of reasons - they may be cranky from having to fast for their blood draw, they don't like needles, or they are difficult to draw from - and yet the overwhelming majority leave with a smile and/or words of gratitude.

At TPMG, we recognize our phlebotomists as healthcare heroes who provide a valuable service to our patients with care and expertise!

All collections centers are available for TPMG patients with qualifying insurance. The centers are appointment only and are happy to assist with your lab draw needs.

Health and Nutrition

Nutrition Counseling Services

Looking to better manage your condition through healthy lifestyle choices? TPMG's Registered Dietitian Nutritionists offer one-on-one nutrition counseling services.

What to expect:

  • Initial assessment of nutrient intake
  • Developing grocery lists
  • Meal planning that is realistic and sustainable for your lifestyle
  • Tips for emotional eating
  • Tips on making healthy choices

Take control of your health with the guidance of a trained dietitian. For more information, contact TPMG Nutrition Services at (757) 232-8768.

Cover Your Cough

For many of us, the winter weather brings all sorts of respiratory infections. Be considerate when you have a cold to prevent the spread of illness. The CDC recommends those with symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, etc.) follow these steps:

  1. Cover your mouth or nose when sneezing or coughing.
  2. Use tissues and throw them away.
  3. Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer every time you touch your mouth or nose.

Click here to learn more.

Strive Sports Fitness & Sports Performance

Find Your Balance and Ignite Your Strength!

TPMG Strive Fitness & Sports Performance has created a 45-minute class tailored towards patients looking to regain their independence while working on strength, balance, and coordination. Better balance means improved daily function to give you greater ease in performing everyday tasks.

Build strength, balance, and confidence every Tuesday at 10 a.m.

For more information call (757) 345-2512 or email

TPMG Strive Fitness & Sports Performance

5424 Discovery Park Boulevard, Building B, Suite 101 | Williamsburg, VA 23188

Featured Blog

Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea (And Aren’t Aware!)

We all need a good night’s rest. Individuals who have healthy sleep routines often experience less sickness, have an easier time managing their weight, lower their risk for developing serious health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, have increased energy levels, see a reduction in stress and other mental health issues, and have a better time managing their relationships. Sleep is vital to our mental, physical, and social health. However, a significant number of Americans suffer from an undiagnosed condition stealing their sleep and leaving them unrested.

Read about sleep apnea and how to determine if you might be experiencing it.

Read more blogs from our providers, staff, and medical experts here.

Practice Spotlight

Innovative Midwifery and Women's Health -

a service of TPMG Obstetrics & Gynecology

TPMG Obstetrics and Gynecology’s Innovative Midwifery and Women’s Health offers sensitive, compassionate care to women looking for a more personalized and empowering birthing experience. Our dedicated certified nurse-midwives provide a full range of midwifery services during the prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum periods. They are skilled in assisting with the entire pregnancy process as well as overall women’s health care.  

Our certified nurse-midwives are excited to announce new prenatal services, including our BIRTHCare Model - 𝗕ringing 𝗜ncreased 𝗥ecognition 𝗧o 𝗛ealth in pregnancy. BIRTHCare focuses on trimester-specific topics, including what to expect at labor and delivery to postpartum self-care. Learn more about the BIRTHCare model here. Sessions begin in March.

Our certified nurse-midwifes are dedicated to enhancing women’s health and ensuring positive health outcomes for both parents and babies. Bringing patients’ years of trusted experience, this team is committed to ensuring confidence in your care.

Learn more about our team of midwives here and the services they offer.

Accepting New Patients

Joshua Albert, DO with TPMG Hidenwood Family Medicine in Newport News is accepting new patients.

Paramount to his philosophy of care, Dr. Albert strives to ensure patients receive the high-quality medical care they need and deserve, placing patient satisfaction at the forefront. As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Albert has additional training in the musculoskeletal system and osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), an in-office procedure for patients with muscle/joint issues such as muscle spasms, joint pains, and more.

To learn more about Dr. Albert, please visit his provider page.

TPMG Hidenwood Family Medicine

12655 Warwick Boulevard, Suite A | Newport News, VA 23606

Phone (757) 595-9880

Jennifer Fisher, MSN, FNP-C, OCN with TPMG West Point Family Medicine is accepting new patients.

As a nurse practitioner, Jennifer is passionate about helping patients achieve greater physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She brings with her a wealth of experience working in various clinical settings, including ambulatory surgery, post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and oncology. Jennifer treats a variety of acute and chronic health conditions with a particular interest in hematology/oncology, depression, anxiety, and preventative health.

Visit Jennifer's provider page to learn more.

TPMG West Point Family Medicine

408 16th Street, West Point, VA 23181 | Phone (804) 843-3131

At TPMG, we have over 240 primary care, specialty physicians, and advanced practice clinicians who are working every day to help you maintain optimal health.

To see all TPMG providers who are currently accepting new patients:

  • Visit our Find a Provider page.
  • Check the box labeled Accepting New Patients.

For questions related to insurance, visit our website for a comprehensive list of accepted insurance carrier plans. Please call the office you are inquiring about, as not all TPMG physicians participate in the list of plans featured on our website. It is up to each office location as to which insurance plans they accept.

Patient Portal Communication

The Patient Portal is free, simple, and secure. Enroll today!

The Patient Portal gives you access to:

  • View lab results quickly
  • Send secure messages to your provider
  • Schedule or change your appointment
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Access test results

Click here for more details and to enroll.

Recognizing Excellence

The Beacon Award is a TPMG employee appreciation program that rewards and celebrates staff members who demonstrate an exceptional level of skill, care, and passion for the meaningful work done with, and for, our patients every day.

The staff members you see below recently received this award for providing excellent care and customer service to patients, providers, and fellow coworkers.


TPMG Corporate IT Department


TPMG Orthopedics

Would you like to recognize a TPMG employee for outstanding work and excellence? If you have had a great experience with a TPMG employee and believe they deserve to be recognized, please consider nominating them for the TPMG Beacon Award by clicking here. It is quick and easy, and you might just make someone's day!

Career Opportunities

By becoming a part of the TPMG team, you have the opportunity to provide care to patients in the Hampton Roads community and surrounding areas. Our mission is to deliver exceptional medical care to every patient at a competitive cost, to improve the health of our communities, and to provide a premier work experience for our employees and physicians.

Visit our career page for clinical and non-clinical job opportunities and see if TPMG is a fit for you!

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