How To Prevent Injuries During the Holidays
The holidays are a busy time for most of us and no one wants an injury to keep them from the festivities. Below we gathered some helpful information on how to prevent some of the most common injuries during "the most wonderful time of the year."
Preventing Falls When Conditions Get Slick Like The North Pole

With the holidays comes cold weather which increases the potential for slick conditions outside. There are steps that you can take to minimize your risk of falling like wearing footwear with traction for walking on snow/ice, limiting what you carry, and doing the "penguin shuffle" when walking on ice is unavoidable. For more tips on avoiding winter slips check out the 10 tips below.
How To Carry A Heavy Sack Of Gifts Or Large Packages Safely

When carrying heavy packages and luggage over the holidays it is important to use proper lifting techniques to prevent unnecessary injury. Always make sure to ask for help when it's needed and never try to carry more than you can handle. The article below shows proper lifting practices in 6 easy steps.
How To Get Over The River and Through The Woods Without Aches and Pains

Almost everyone travels during the holidays and long commutes can make for some serious aches and pains. To minimize low back pain try to bring an extra pillow or roll up a blanket/towel for lumbar support. Also, remember to hold books and devices up higher to reduce neck strain or "text neck" and take breaks as often as possible. For more tips to help with travel aches and pains check out the link below.