March 2016 Newsletter
It's Temporary!

"High tide becomes low tide. Sunshine fades to night. Snow stops. Ice melts. Night becomes day. Pain heals over time. A scale of 1-10 is a range that all begins at zero."
~ Randi Levin Coaching~

Nothing in the Universe lasts forever. So think about the possibilities! Each and every day is a white board with a giant eraser. When you permit yourself to maintain a mindset that allows for do-overs, you free yourself to reach for your goals. If you are not afraid to fail, you are empowered to succeed. Continuing this line of thought... it is only reasonable to imagine that in order to reinvent and refresh life, in order to promote personal growth, you need to be willing to also recede back. What I am suggesting is that reaching for your goals may involve the ability to vision, and a commitment to reset at zero.

Personally, it took me decades to be able to understand the concept of temporary and the number zero. As I hurled toward a big birthday, I knew that I was in the thick of a reinvention, but I was still clinging to the idea of perfection. In so doing, I was "waiting for the right moment" to step into my greatness, to take that leap of faith away from permanent and perfect toward a do-over. I needed to be willing to let go of what I knew in favor of what was next. I needed to be willing to be a zero in a world of big numbers, just long enough to pivot toward my dreams.

That is why being a reinvention coach holds so much meaning for me. Coaching is my reinvention. When I decided to become a life coach, I literally looked in the mirror and said, " I am...a life coach." I set an intention, allowed myself to explore all the possibilities involved, and permitted myself to come face-to-face with my inner child. Digging deeper and connecting to a part of me that remained dormant for years as I kept doing what I kept doing; also connected me back to the most authentic version of

What is important to note, is that being a zero is temporary! It is that magic number that allows us to get off the fence, to move away from that perfect 10 just long enough to embrace the perfection of imperfection. Just long enough to grow and to learn, or re-learn what may be most relevant to us now. Being a zero creates a launch pad, a restart that when coupled with work, tenacity, and introspection promotes endless possibilities toward establishing, reaching for, and attaining your goals. Every minute of every day is temporary because the next minute arrives. Temporary allows for steps forward, for movement and action to take place, one imperfect moment at a time.

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