Dear Friend

As many of you may have heard, all pandemic restrictions in Illinois will be lifted tomorrow. Although Greenlight Family Services successfully met the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, we are still very happy to hear that the state of Illinois will soon be able to resume business as usual.

COVID did not slow us down. In the past 15 months, Greenlight continued its outreach efforts to ensure families, young adults, and children have access to much needed services. As a result, our phones have been ringing off the hook as families contact us for adoption, guardianship, and counseling services.

Thank you for your steadfast support always, and especially during this trying time.

Have a great summer!

Maria Nanos, LCSW, PhD
Adopt a Duckling and
Duck Walk 2021!
Thank you to everyone who participated in Duck Walk 2021. For anyone who missed it, our CEO, Dr. Maria Nanos, LCSW, PhD, fostered Maggie May Mallard and her ducklings in Maria's backyard.

We decided to have a little fun and asked our supporters to donate $20 for a chance to name a duckling. We were amazed by how many of you donated to adopt a duckling as we livestreamed Maggie May Mallard's journey through city traffic to the river a mile away. We greatly appreciate the funds raised through this springtime event.
SAILS: Navigating Smooth Passages to Adulthood
Greenlight is partnering with Lurie Children's Hospital as a lead presenter in their SAILS (Supporting Adolescents with Independent Life Skills) program, "a six-week curriculum to teach teens to prepare for their future in work, college and managing their healthcare." These young adults ages 15–20 with chronic medical conditions are able to participate in an interactive group setting.

Greenlight Family Services is proud to be a session leader for the 4th year in a row. In each session, we will impart information about Adult Guardianship and Standby Guardianship to this vital group.

Contact Patti Fell, Director of Outreach Services, for additional information about Guardianship or the SAILS program.
Pride Month and Your Family
Pride Month is dedicated to the uplifting of voices, celebration of culture and the support of LGBTQ rights.

Within the LGBTQ+ community, it is often in the parents’ best interests to pursue a second parent adoption for their child(ren). While both parents are most likely already providing care and parenting, oftentimes only one parent has legal parental rights even if both names occur on the birth certificate.

Find out how Greenlight legal services may assist you in obtaining a legal second parent adoption for your child.