Benefits of Homeschooling High School
“We’ll homeschool the kids through eighth grade but put them back in for high school. We can’t give them everything they need in high school!”
Ever heard that? Unfortunately, it’s all too common. But homeschooling high school is not as hard as many parents fear, and the benefits are enormous!
In the early days of homeschooling, parents had to cobble together curriculum from wherever they could, but today there are complete programs available for high school on DVD or online, live online classes, co-ops, and good ole’ fashioned books with all the necessary subjects laid out for all four years.
Most homeschool families use a combination of the above options for their high school students, and this is what they have discovered:
Spend More Time Together
Everyone knows teen social schedules can get incredibly busy. Add that to sports and traditional school and it’s not unusual for parents to complain that they never see their kids! Homeschooling is a built-in way for you to connect with your teens on a daily basis. Whether you do Bible devotions together in the morning, read aloud good books for literature class, or discuss the latest political news story as part of American government class, you are able to connect with your teen, sharing your ideas and learning their thoughts and opinions. Nothing can replace the bond you will build as they head into adulthood.
Pursue Other Interests
Some traditional high school students are so overwhelmed with unnecessary homework that they miss out on other activities they would like to explore. But because homeschooled students are not spending time traveling back and forth to school or dealing with wasted time in class (and believe me, there’s plenty of that!), they have more time to pursue their interests. Tennis, golf, horseback riding, basketball, pottery, music, are just some options that will enrich their lives for years to come.
Save on College Costs
Parents rightly bemoan the rising costs of college, but here is where the investment you’ve made in homeschooling high school can really pay financial dividends. Homeschooled high school students often have the option to dual enroll and get credit for both high school and college courses at the same time—at significantly reduced rates. So your son takes a college algebra course online from home through the state university or community college. You give him credit on his high school transcript and he earns three college credits toward his bachelor’s degree—two birds with one stone!
Another option for homeschooled teens is to earn college credit through CLEP or DSST testing. Your student studies a particular subject, like American history, then takes a CLEP test and earns college credit if he passes. Non-profit websites like offer free test prep and even a voucher to cover the cost of the CLEP test after you finish the program. There are homeschool students who have been able to CLEP two years or more worth of college courses, saving thousands of dollars in tuition and enabling them to start full-time jobs in their chosen fields just that much sooner.
Explore Career Options
The flexible schedule of homeschooling also allows students the opportunity to “flex” their entrepreneurial muscles by starting their own businesses, getting part-time jobs during traditional school hours (when businesses are often short-staffed), volunteering, and even participating in internships. Some options for small businesses are child care, pet care, yard work, and computer work like accounting or web design. A student who is interested in cars may be able to assist a local mechanic, eventually learning a way to a job. A teen who loves foreign languages or piano could teach younger students, earning money and gaining valuable experience at the same time. An animal lover could volunteer at the local animal shelter. These are all excellent steps toward finding a life-long career.
Develop Character
For many parents, a main reason for homeschooling is their commitment to raising children who serve God and have a strong moral character. There is no more crucial time than the high school years to address the tough questions of life, help your children develop a solid foundation for their beliefs, and guide them toward positive peer influences while avoiding the stress and negativity of a traditional school environment.
Don’t let fear or insecurity rob you of the amazing benefits of homeschooling through high school. It’s a goal you can accomplish and a blessing you shouldn’t miss.
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