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Full STEAM Ahead!

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Throughout the month of April, PLNL will be hosting programs, activities, and events for all things Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math! We'll be utilizing the core concepts of STEAM with our programming this month, from the history of American aviation to cosplay to learning about sea life! Come join us April!

Check out our wide array of programs!


Her image has adorned everything from lunchboxes to lampshades, but what is the real story of Rosie the Riveter? Amanda Goodheart Parks, Ph.D. of New England Air Museum will trace Rosie's journey from propaganda poster to feminist icon while uncovering the history of the real life Rosie's whose work in wartime industries helped secure an Allied victory during World War II. Join us in our Community Room on Saturday April 2 at 2PM for this in-person presentation. Registration is not required, but is encouraged to receive updates about the event.

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Join marine ecologist Tina Marie To on Thursday, April 14 at 5PM in our Community Room for an hour-long, in-person crash course that will provide an overview of sea animals including whales, dolphins, octopuses, squid, cuttlefish, seals, sea lions, and so much more!  This program is for all ages. Registration is encouraged, but not required.

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Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer Chip Henson will be in the Teen Room on Tuesday, April 12 at 4PM. He will talk about life on a submarine, the differences of SONAR and RADAR, how navigation works, and a variety of other submarine subjects as well as answer questions for teens. No registration is required.

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Join us in the Community Room on Fridays, April 8 and April 29 at 2:00 PM to watch Interstellar, a sci-fi journey to find humanity's new home, and Blackfish, the award-winning documentary on killer whales in captivity.


Join NASA Solar System Ambassador Geoff McLean for a free in- person presentation at the Public Library of New London on April 20th at 4:30PM as we explore the various ways in which we humans are trying to detect life on other planets –regardless if it be microbial or intelligent. This presentation, intended for ages 11+, will give an overview into the various methods for the search including chemistry, biology, optical and radio astronomy, past, current, and future means of discovery.

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Check out some STEAM-related faves!


The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

This is the story of quirky and socially inept genetics professor Don Tillman, who launches The Wife Project: a mission to find a perfectly compatible female life partner. Armed with a lengthy and intricate questionnaire to weed out unsuitable candidates, Don is prepared for anything! And then…enter Rosie. Disorganized, messy, impulsive, and charming Rosie. The two form an unlikely partnership, each helping the other on their personal quests.


Stephen Hawking: Great Lives in Graphics

Using bright infographics, this book presents over 250 facts about Stephen Hawking, the world-famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist and author of bestselling books on science. This graphic retelling of his story gives children a colorful snapshot of his life and the world he grew up in, while educating them on everything from black holes to the Big Bang. It includes an overview of his life, a timeline spread, a family outline, and a geographical summary of important places.


Tiny Dancer by Siena Cherson Siegel

Siena Cherson Siegel dreamed of being a ballerina. Her love of movement and dedication to the craft earned her a spot at the School of American Ballet. Siena has worked hard her whole life to be a professional ballet dancer, then makes the difficult decision to quit dancing and tries to figure out what comes next. But what do you do when you have spent your entire life working toward a goal, having that shape your identity, and then decide it's time to move on? And how do you figure out who you are?

From making your own circuits to DIY planters to tinker kits for children, there are a myriad of options with our Take & Make crafts this month, so many that we can't list them all here! Teen crafts will change every week, and all children's crafts will remain available throughout the month. Check out our full lists of crafts by clicking the links on the right!

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Click here for a complete list of Children's Take and Make crafts this month!

Click here for a list of Teen Take and Make crafts this month!


The Children's Department will have Duct Tape Workshops every Monday at 4:30 in the Children's Room this April!

We'll learn how to make a variety of crafts in tons of different patterns and colors, with a new project every week!


Join us in the Teen Activity Room on April 26 at 4PM to learn about circuitry and electricity through using Snap Circuits!


Every Tuesday from 11AM-12PM we'll be playing an hour of lo-fi hip hop in the Adult Reading Room! This genre of ambient music is perfect for relaxing and is conductive for concentrating or schoolwork! No registration required, just stop in and enjoy!

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Join the Society of Women Engineers, New England Shoreline Section to learn a bit about engineering! Kids will be learning about earthquakes and how buildings can be designed to resist them. Can your elementary or middle schooler design and build a structure that will survive a simulated earthquake? Come by the Children's Room on Thursday, April 7 at 4:30. Registration required!

Join us in the Teen Activity Room on Thursday, April 19 at 3PM as professional cosplayer Cass Meehan-Marinich goes over the ins and outs of cosplay for teens, where to begin cosplaying and attending cons, and how the cosplaying phenomenon has grown and changed over the years. A prolific costumer, photographer, and pop-culture connoisseur, Cass's 10-plus years of expertise in this field is a great viewpoint for teens just starting to dive in!

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