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While it may not feel like Spring today, we have been having many Spring like days over the winter that has allowed for some cross country schooling and a few Winter Lesson Series lessons have been run outside at Stone Gate Farm! I want to thank Cindy Bauer of Bauer Equestrian Center, Barbara Lyons-Sprouse of

Willow Ridge Stables and Kate Lovejoy of Heritage Hill Stables for hosting the Winter Lesson Series. Fingers crossed Mother Nature continues to cooperate for the Waylon Roberts Clinic the end of the month. The clinic is full but we will be having Waylon back in July and October. Come and watch, there is no auditing fee.

April will kick of the season with the popular Galloping, Pace, and Steeple Chase (GPS) Clinic on April 20th and the Derby Cross the following day. The first weekend in May we're having the Dressage Show and 'Fix a Test'. That's a great way to get into the dressage arena the week before Winona.

Speaking of Winona, it opens a week from today. Although the Omnibus is not published yet on the USEA website here's a sneak peek of the Omnibus page, PLEASE read it as there is a lot of important information. Below is a list of what is NEW for Winona 2024:

  • HOT OFF PRESSES: There will be a drawing from Opening Date entries that are complete and correct for a free registration to the Lucinda Green 28 day See-a-Stride Challenge
  • Winona will be the fist of the NEW SGF Event Series
  • Prelim is being replaced by a Modified division
  • There will be TWO Starter choices. Click HERE for an explanation of the two divisions.
  • Those who are eligible for the 'early bird' discount will have one more week to scratch and still receive a refund less the $25 office fee.
  • We will be using the CrossCountry App which will offer some exciting new options
  • The Stall Deposit and Stall Cleaning Service will have it's own link to sign up and pay. The pay portion is not set up yet but hopefully that up and running by opening date.
  • You can now order and pay for shavings on line without having to contact the secretary. Not available yet.
  • All forms will have a QR code posted in the Competitors Corner under the pavilion in case for forgot to do so before your arrival.
  • NOT just for Winona. New horse health protocols for any horses coming on the farm.

Below you will find flyers for the upcoming shows through mid May. Unfortunately the links don't work on the flyers when put into this e-mail so I put the links below each flyer.

Finally I would like to welcome Jagged Ridge Mountain Trail Series who will be running all the trail challenges, clinics and more. Thank you Stephanie Tarr for taking this off my plate while still giving riders the opportunity to enjoy the Trail Course.

We're looking forward to another fun season. Hope you can join us sometime this season.

Jackie & Dave

Click HERE for more information - Website will be updated soon
More information to come
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