A Note from Scott and Marsha
March 5, 2020
We have been super busy getting ready for spring. It's time for Old Man Winter to finally put down his shovel. We would like to move on personally. As we are preparing, we have had so much fun with more changes to our retail space. Ann and Judy had a wish list. John and I make it happen. Ok, John makes it happen, and I live vicariously through him as he smells like sawdust and sends pictures of his power tools. It's so unfair. I want to be John when I grow up.

Either way, we are having such fun bringing in new varieties of pottery and indoor houseplants. This time of year, it's such a bummer when you can't enjoy being outside with the colder weather or all the rain. That doesn't mean you can't bring the outdoors in. I certainly have with 67 houseplants. And yes, there are many of us that have over 60 houseplants. I'm not alone in this and some call us crazy. Sorry. Not sorry.  

With all these new arrivals, the displaying has been the best part. The winter garden fairies, also known as Ann, Julia, Judy, Sean, Erin, Lynn, and John, have been super busy planning for spring, merchandising, ordering, cleaning, painting, etc. This is my JAM.  

I'm all about change and projects. If it were socially acceptable and not awkward, I would probably paint a room in my house monthly just to change it up or flip it with furniture I found at ReStore.  Someone asked me a couple weeks ago what I did for the weekend and this was my response. "Visited some local garden centers because I love them all including our own. Then I made a concrete planter, some smaller concrete planters, and little concrete planter molds for fun. Then I came to work and grabbed the chainsaw. Scott cut down some smaller trees in the woods to create more sunlight in our backyard so I could have a tree branch I had my eye on. Then he hung it for me on hooks with natural rope so I could place my macrame holders and hang plants in the loft. I made a wooden disk and added natural rope to it so I could hang that as a shelf too. I chalk painted my dining room buffet that I had been putting off .... watered my plants ....laundry ...."  Want to be friends? Call me. This is why I make Scott nuts by the way.

The winter garden fairies humor me as well as Scott. I know this to be true. I can't stop myself from the excitement! It's really not my fault. They are the ones who are doing all the amazing things and I'm just trying to keep up with them and stay ahead of the game. They are the ones who keep ordering amazing things that end up in my trunk ... cough ... houseplants ... cough. They are the ones flitting around on tippy-toes, wings flitting and glistening in the sunlight, smiling with anticipation for spring. It's NOT MY FAULT!  I blame the winter garden fairies with deep love and affection. If you haven't met them, you are missing out. That's all I have to say about that. 
One of our favorite trees is the Redbud. Redbuds come in different varieties and each has its special features. Native to NC, Redbuds have pink and lavender blooms that emerge along the branches and give way to heart shaped leaves. They come in many different varieties, but we are featuring the Forest Pansy and Merlot Redbud (in stock now!). You will enjoy burgundy or deep purple leaves through the summer with these varieties.
Spring is nearly here (like, for real this time) and that means so is spring planting. We have many varieties of perennials and cool season veggies that are perfect for planting now. Our perennial feature this week is Creeping Phlox. It is one of the earliest spring bloomers and comes in shades of pink, purple and white. Plant it in the front of your flower bed or along a slope. We also have many other beautiful ground covers to choose from. Come check out our selection!
Azaleas and rhododendrons are known for their gorgeous bloom clusters. Many azaleas will be in full bloom in few weeks. Get ahead of the bloom game and peruse the azaleas and rhododendrons we have. These lovely shrubs prefer to be planted in part-shade. They will love a spot that receives a few hours of sun, but not all day. Full sun can actually burn the leaves. Make sure to water and mulch well as they prefer moist soil.
CANDLE MAKING CLASS , Thursday, March 12, 2020, 6PM-8PM
Join us as Rachel Latson with  La Botella  teaches you how to make your own homemade 12 oz. soy candle. It will be the first day of Spring and what better way to bring the outdoors in than with candles scented like the very trees, plants and shrubs we will have available at the garden center! Scents like lilac, cherry blossom, magnolia, and more will be an option. Labels will be included as well. Enjoy light snacks, a complimentary glass of wine, hard cider or non-alcoholic beverage, and additional wine or cider will be available to purchase.  Limited space available, so don’t wait to  register ! Cost is $35 per participant. This is the perfect opportunity for a Girls' or Guys' Night Out!!

BONSAI FOR BEGINNERS , Saturday, March 28, 2020, 10AM-1PM
Click here for more information.

GROW YOUR OWN MUSHROOMS , Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 6PM-8PM Click here for more information.

HAPPY HEALTHY HOUSEPLANTS , Saturday, April 4, 2020, 10AM-11AM Click here for more information.
What small event do you have coming up that you need a space for? Whether it is a graduation party, baby shower, or off-site meeting, our Robin's Nest is likely a perfect fit for your needs. Find out more information including rates here . You can also email us directly .
Happy March, friends! There is a lot to do in the lawn and garden this month, so we put together a handy-dandy to do list for you.

If you missed it last week, you may still be wondering which house plants do well in low light ? We suggest some of our favorite low-light loving plants in this post !
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