Collage by Cheryl O
Mountain Meanderings - by Cheryl O
Acrylic Collage with fabric - 12" x 16"
On gallery canvas ready to hang
$385.00 + HST

It seems to be getting obvious that the 10 week course starting mid April will need to be online too. Here is what I propose -

For the 33 students who have already paid, you may take the first 2 weeks, and then decide whether or not you want a full refund. You know I will do my best to make this transition a pleasant one. I have to give kudos to the current class who have come onside with the switch to online mid-course and are doing wonderfully.

For those who are already registered for Canadian Landscapes, I would appreciate if you would email to me your thoughts on this.

The following question still remains to be seen - will I open the Canadian Landscape course to more students now that it will be online? I need another week to figure this out, since I expect to upgrade to the Teachable platform, and need a chance to become familiar with how that functions. I hope to know the answer to that question in the next newsletter.


The above painting was done this week as a demonstration for the current Collage class. I used a combination of video, still photos and voice overs to track it's progress and turn the experience into a video lesson. The Collage class has also been meeting weekly by Zoom for a question session and to show each other the collage paintings they did that week. Zoom is a great way to get together by computer or cell phone and easy to use.


Meanwhile, stay well. And after you have checked in with your friends; put your favourite music on, snuggle up with a lovely book, do some sketching just for fun in your comfy chair, or if feeling more adventurous, start a new painting from one of your own inspiring photos.

And here's a worthwhile link too - thanks for sharing this in your newsletter, Art with Panache.

We are all in this together!
Cheryl O

Today's Quote:

" "It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."

Charles Darwin

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