After hosting a virtual festival in 2020, the Mississippi Book Festival is back as a live event to be held Saturday, August 21 at the Mississippi Capitol in downtown Jackson.

Organizers have announced the 2021 panelists, and I am proud to report that I am among them. Being part of this great festival has been one of my top goals since my book was published. I am immensely grateful to the organizers for this honor and for the work Holly Lange, Ellen Rogers Daniels, John Evans, Malcolm White and the many volunteers have done to make this such a respected and popular event in the literary community nationwide.

If you have never attended, do yourself a favor and join us. The event is very well organized, and the panels are lively, engaging, enlightening and entertaining. The panels are held inside the Capitol and Galloway Church. There were about 10,000 attendees in 2019.

Here is a link to read about the authors and panel moderators participating this year.

You should also visit other parts of the Mississippi Book Festival website and their Facebook page to learn about this excellent organization and all they do.

Another suggestion would be to read a few of the panelists' books in advance of the Festival, so you will be in the know and ready with great questions. I will let you know when I have the details about my panel.


Mississippi Christian Magazine Article
I was honored to be interviewed recently by Katie Eubanks, publisher of
Mississippi Christian Magazine. The article is now online on their website
It will appear in print in their September issue.
Great Times in Nantucket
How fun it was to do a booksigning at Mitchell's Book Partners in Nantucket. My family spent two weeks vacationing on the island and my public relations representative, Nancy Perkins, was able to set up a booksigning event that turned out to be very successful. We sold out of two cases of books, and I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.
About My Book

This Magic Moment is a great choice for someone who loves true stories about...

--Growing up in the South

--Life and times in the 50s and 60s

--Early rock and roll, Doo wop and R&B music and the ability of music to bring people together

--The power of friendship to bridge any divide

--The mysterious ways our Heavenly Father works in our lives to bless us and achieve His purpose

Hardcover and Audiobook Available
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For Those Who Prefer a Hardcover Copy
Includes 136 color photos of some of rock and roll's greatest icons
“I love that Bill is chronicling his friendships with Prentiss Barnes and Harvey Fuqua (both of The Moonglows) and Bill Pinkney
(The Drifters), sharing his magic moments with them and other contemporaries.”
Mary Wilson
Original member of The Supremes

“Wow! This book should be a movie! It’s a powerful story of love and brotherhood across the racial divide at a time when our nation needs healing as never before.”
Michael W. Smith
Christian Singer/Songwriter
"William Morris was the first former Ole Miss student to invite me to his house. He was forty years ahead of what is happening in today’s world. His book is one of the best I have read in quite a while. Everybody should read and understand it. I read every word. 'The Help' was a novel. This is a true story.”
James Meredith
Civil Rights Icon

Signed copies also available at The Commissary (Ridgeland) and
Persnickety (Madison)

Or Consider the Audio Book...
This story is everything I love – detailed memories of growing up in Mississippi, especially references to Murrah High School, Jackson, and the Delta; a tribute to 50s & 60s rock & roll music and the singers who gave it to us; an inspiring reminder of the power
of friendship; and proof of what can happen
with an unshakable faith in God’s providence.
Robert Johnson, music aficionado
Like one of my all-time favorite author/narrators Shelby Foote, Bill Morris has a voice that grabs your attention and holds your interest throughout this beautifully written and well-executed audiobook. His story is a timely reminder of the extraordinary things that can happen when our hearts are truly open.
 I listened with a smile on my face.
John Tate Taylor, Jackson, MS

Dr. Jim Ewing, former North Georgia State
English professor