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It's Spring! It's also the perfect time to Get to Know Us! Flowers are blooming, parks are green, and our great outdoors are serene. Visit Prince George's for hiking, biking, and picnicking. See a live performance and enjoy a global dish. Dig for dinosaurs or soar in flight. We have great historic sites. Take a day trip, a road trip, or book an overnight trip. We have an array of ways to stay and enjoy one of the best destinations in Maryland!

April in Prince George's!

April in Prince George’s: 12 Must-Do Activities This Month

Music. Art. Nature. Prince George’s has it all, and April is a great time to experience the array of activities offered in the region. You can join a family movie night, participate in a professional dance class, or hike through a park. Pick your passion and explore it.

Add these 12 April events to your calendar now:

6 Springtime Festivals & Activities in Prince George's

The flowers are blooming. The sun is shining. The season is turning. Enjoy the signs of spring in Prince George’s by getting outside with your friends and family, celebrating with your community, and learning how you can help heal the Earth.

Join these six activities to truly connect with the spirit of the season:

Experience Cherry Blossoms

in Prince George's

When the cherry blossoms arrive in the region, so do the visitors. You can’t blame them; the blossoms are beautiful, and the gorgeous blooms are too striking not to capture. Still, these massive crowds can hinder the experience — especially when you’re looking for a peaceful moment under the petals. Luckily, the most popular spots for this springtime activity are not the only options.

Picnic-Perfect Spots in Prince George’s

When the weather is beautiful, you can enjoy your meals outside. Take your break, lunch, and dinner out to a park or nature center to really get the most out of the sunny season. In Prince George’s, there are so many spots for a wonderful picnic, and you can head to them to enjoy a meal with a gorgeous view, a stunning sunset, or an exciting show from local skateboarders.

Plan a picnic at one of these eight spots:

Dig for Dinosaur Bones in Prince George’s

People in Prince George’s have a gift; they can jump back in time without even leaving town. After initial dinosaur fossil discoveries by African American miners in 1858, other anatomists, geologists, and fossil collectors continued to uncover more and more remnants through the region. Even today, new discoveries are being made — and visitors can be part of these exciting endeavors.

Top Trails to Walk in Prince George’s

Taking a stroll is a wonderful way to improve your mental and physical health, and there are so many trails that wind through Prince George’s for you to enjoy. Walk under green canopies, along scenic rivers, and beside flowering fields as you trek through these paths in the region.

Try out one of these six green trails in Prince George’s:

Spend Mother’s Day in Prince George’s

Mother’s Day is an excellent time to celebrate these important people in your life, and Prince George’s has lots of opportunities to do exactly that. Whether you’re coming together for a delectable French-inspired treat, taking a tour of a historic home, or traveling the trail of award-winning wineries in the region, you can find the celebration that best honors your loved one here.

Fill your holiday with these celebratory activities:

6 Memorial Day Weekend Ideas in Prince George’s

A long weekend is the perfect time for a bit of extra exploration, and Prince George’s is an excellent place for you to spend those moments. You can find thrills on a rollercoaster, relax at a spa, play a game of golf inside or outside, or order from an award-winning menu. Whatever avenue you choose for the weekend, you’re destined to find the recharge you need.

Plan for one of these six long-weekend experiences in Prince George’s:

Travel Itinerary and Global Cuisine

Three Staycations in Prince George’s

There are fantastic getaways for you close to home, just ask anyone familiar with Prince George’s. There, you’ll find nature-centered locations that bring peace and calm, college-town joy at fun cafes, and extravagant experiences that make you appreciate the finer things in life. Each one of these trips are packed with moments that are sure to fill you with bliss.

Book one of these fantastic staycations in the region — or make a plan to enjoy all three:

Enjoy a Taste of Africa

Prince George’s is gifted with cuisine from around the globe, and the African restaurants in the region showcase strong flavors, authentic ingredients, and comforting combinations. Whether you’re looking for food that makes you feel at home or meals that stretch you to a new continent, the restaurants in Prince George’s deliver.

Try one of these nine African restaurants in Prince George’s:

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