Life Science Nation Newsletter  | October 27,  2016  |  Issue 185

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RESI Boston Investors Panel

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

As the creator of the RESI conference series I am constantly getting and gathering both solicited and unsolicited feedback on how well the RESI Partnering apparatus is working. At RESI Boston we had 1400 meetings between investors and fundraising executives in one day. Make no mistake about it, people get funded through using RESI as a vehicle to get in front of the right investors that are a fit for their development stage and product or service offering.

I hear people tell me how great RESI is and how they met a bevy of investors and wound up getting funded. I also hear from some frustrated scientist entrepreneurs who catch up with me and complain they can't get enough meetings or they wanted more. I usually reply "Send me a copy of the email you sent out - and tell me how many times you tried to connect with the investors you wanted to meet with." When you have entered the fundraising arena you have officially entered the sales and marketing world...

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

The LSN Licensing Deals data platform logs all pharma licensing deals provided that financial information regarding on the deal has been announced. Taking a quick look at 2016's announced deals thus far, we found that while many new technologies are making waves through pharma - such as T-cell technologies and RNA therapies - antibodies are currently the most wanted technology in pharma.

As over a quarter of the licensing deals logged in 2016 involve antibodies, we decided to take a look into the LSN Company Platform to find out what antibodies are currently being used for.  For this article, we look at a sample of development-stage antibody products, ranging from preclinical-Phase III. We found that an overwhelming number - over half - of development-stage antibody drugs are in the oncology space. Other top indications for antibodies include infectious disease, musculoskeletal diseases and immune diseases, but oncological use of antibodies dwarfs all these...

By Caitlin Kramer, Research Analyst, LSN

The critical early years of drug development after lead compound selection see pre-clinical studies, IND-filing, and the design and implementation of clinical trials. While navigating the regulatory needs of the FDA may seem enough of a challenge, entrepreneurs must also consider how their drug addresses the needs of investors. Capital intensity, endpoint selection, timelines to inflection points - these are just a few topics beyond the scientific data that LSN researchers have discussed the importance of with investors.

Understanding what investors are looking for in the deal and business plan structure can help entrepreneurs immensely in their approach to funding. LSN is pleased to announce the Early Stage Therapeutics Investors panel for RESI SF 2017, where five therapeutics investors will share their perspective on evaluating deals and answer audience questions.

Joining moderator Doug Fisher, Partner, InterWest Partners:
  • Cynthia Lavoie, General Partner, TVM Capital
  • Aaron Royston, Principal, venBio
  • Christopher Haskell, Head of US Science Hub, Bayer Healthcare
  • Tatyana Beldock, Senior Director, New Ventures, Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JLABS)