Volume 2 | March 2021
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Each quarter we will share information to keep you informed on our engaging academic programs, student and staff successes, community collaborations, and much more.

In our next issue, we will continue to share information on our High School Academies as they grow and expand with our community and business partners, our Profile of a Graduate session and the creation of our North Star for all our students, and an update on our Food Trucks.

As always, #BeloitProud
Message from Dr. Dan Keyser Superintendent
School District of Beloit
Last week, we released our first of many videos highlighting the School District of Beloit. The overriding theme of this video and the others we will be sharing in the future is All Children Can Dream and Think Beyond Now at the School District of Beloit.

It is an exciting time for our District as we prepare to have students back in our buildings with cohort in-person learning. We will continue our focus on our student's academic success and social and emotional wellbeing as we grow and expand our curriculum, programming, and student services.

We are committed to preparing and inspiring every student to succeed in life and contribute to an ever-changing world. Please click on the image below to view our video.

Together we are #BeloitProud
All Children Can Dream and Think Beyond Now at the School District of Beloit
Baylee Bye is a fourth-grader at McNeel Intermediate. She started in our Dual Language Immersion Program while she was in 4K at Hackett Elementary.

She shared that she loves learning another language “because it expands my learning experiences and my brain.” Baylee says she plans on continuing in Dual Language through high school and beyond. “My future plans include continuing to learn Spanish. Many jobs of the future will need translators, and I will be prepared. I may want to become a Spanish Teacher or an Art Teacher.”

Asked about what other benefits she has enjoyed by learning another language, she mentioned the awesome field trips and how much the teachers care about the students. She also said that in third grade, she was able to try Tres Leches cake, “it was really good.”

We think that Baylee’s future is looking bright. We believe she can accomplish anything she sets out to do.
Dual Language Immersion
The School District of Beloit is the only District in Rock County to offer a Dual Language Immersion Program and one of only ten in the State of Wisconsin.

Dual Language Immersion is offered at Hackett, Robinson, and Todd Elementary Schools and all Intermediate Schools.

This program follows the Two-Way Immersion Model, which affords students whose first or dominant language is Spanish the support they need to access the curriculum more comprehensively.
This program also affords students whose first or dominant language is not Spanish to learn the language while still learning grade-level curriculum.

There are many advantages to having students enrolled in our Dual Language Immersion program including, bilingualism and literacy, cognitive development advantages, college and career readiness, multicultural learning, and graduating from Beloit Memorial High School with a Global Education Achievement Certificate.

For a more comprehensive overview of the benefits, check out our SDB BLOG, titled The Bilingual Advantage.

If you wish to connect with someone to learn more about this opportunity in our District, please reach out to Mrs. Rosamaria Laursen through email, or by calling 608-361-4000.
Reid Stadelman is a junior in the PACMES Academy at Beloit Memorial High School. He believes the Academy model allows students to have many more opportunities to connect with businesses and get real-world experiences compared to a more traditional high school set-up.

Reid shared that he appreciates the business partnerships many companies have with Beloit Memorial High School. “Some of my most memorable opportunities were field trips to Scott Forge and United Alloy. These field trips allowed me to see first-hand the careers that are available at these companies.”

In the future, Reid plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison or Iowa State to pursue a degree in Engineering. “One of my favorite classes was Intro to Engineering. We were able to design a product and problem solve many difficult situations.”

When he is not studying, Reid enjoys working on set designs for theater productions at the high school. He is also a member of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council.

“Reid is an asset to the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council,” said Superintendent Keyser. “He is an active participant in our meetings and is able to represent his high school peers and their perspectives at each meeting. I have no doubt he will achieve his future ambitions and goals.”
The Academies at Beloit Memorial High School
The School District of Beloit is proud to be the only District in Rock County offering a Career Academy program since the start of the 2018-2019 school year. This program is one of the many advantages of attending Beloit Memorial High School.

Career Academies offer a personalized small learning community involving a cohort of students and a team of teachers committed to each student’s success in school and life.

Our Academies provide real-world, relevant, engaging learning experiences with local businesses and professionals; it is all about linking schoolwork and the workplace. Academy classes include both core academic courses and a sequence of career-technical courses.

All Beloit Memorial High School students graduate with the advanced skills and education they need to be successful, productive citizens in college, career, and life.

Our Academies include the Freshman Academy that all students participate in their first year of high school. The Freshman Academy prepares students to select an Academy for their sophomore through senior year.

After freshman year, students have the choice of BACH (Business, Art, Communication, and Hospitality); HHES (Health, Human, and Educational Services); and PACMES (Public Safety, Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Science).

All students, regardless of their Academy selection, have the ability to participate in our Collegiate Academy with the benefit of graduating with a two-year degree and or with several professional certifications from Blackhawk Technical College at no cost to the student. Our 2019 graduates earned 151 Industry and State-Recognized professional certifications.

For More Information on our Collegiate Academy, click here.
Evelyn Cortes is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, majoring in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She is also a recipient of the Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship.

We recently reached out to Evelyn to ask her a few questions, hear how her college experience is going, and have her share with us her future plans.

Who has been influential in your life as a role model?
My parents came to this country with nothing but the hope that their future children would have a good education and opportunities. Most importantly, my parents have shown me that I can meet my goals even if I have obstacles to overcome. My parents have also shown me that you have to work hard and put all your effort and dedication towards accomplishing what you want. They are my role models.

What made you want to become a teacher?
Around the age of 11, I remember loving to play school with my sister. I would imagine myself being an elementary school teacher and having a class full of students.

While in high school, I had the opportunity to take early childhood education classes, and these classes helped reinforce my decision to become a teacher. Add to that wonderful life experiences such as volunteering in the infant, toddler, and preschool rooms at Even Start. My aspiration to become a teacher will allow me to positively impact students, providing them with a great education and ultimately success in life.

How did you hear about the Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship?
I heard about the Grow Your Own scholarship through my school counselor, who encouraged me to apply through the Stateline Community Foundation.

Would you encourage others to apply for this scholarship?
I would highly encourage others to apply for the Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship because it provides advanced educational opportunities to those who may be struggling with low-income issues. Applying to this scholarship encourages students to strive harder towards their educational goals and reinforces that the School District of Beloit believes in them and supports them.

What are your plans after graduation?
After I graduate with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and special education, I would like to work in the School District of Beloit either as an elementary school teacher or a special education teacher. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not studying?
When I’m not in school, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, going hiking, and going to the park. Also, in my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking with my younger sister.
Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship
The Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship Program provides scholarships to minority students pursuing a career in education. Once their education is completed, our hope is that they will return to Beloit and our School District to begin their career.
The Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship Program not only helps our students but the community as well. Diversity helps our students to be more globally competitive.
Michael Lee, a diversity consultant, said, “Diversity in the workplace increases creativity and productivity, promotes new attitudes, enhances new language skills, expands global understanding, and helps develop new processes and new solutions to difficult problems.”

The School District of Beloit staff support and funds this scholarship program through an automatic payroll deduction. 
“I donate to the Grow Your Own scholarship because I had the fortune of having many teachers of color growing up. As a Latina, I saw my teachers as role models, and the diversity among them made my educational experience so much richer," shared Rosamaria Laursen, Biliteracy Instructional Leadership Coordinator.
Rosamaria continued that there is a teacher shortage in our country, "even more significant among teachers of color. The Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship is a good way to help increase the number of teachers of color we have in our school district. Our children deserve this. I am so happy to see this scholarship continue to grow and expand each year.”
Executive Director of the Stateline Community Foundation, Tara Tinder, couldn't agree more. “We all understand the importance of having teachers in the School District of Beloit who represent the diversity of students. We must continue to be proactive in the recruitment of a diverse staff, and this scholarship encourages and provides for that. Every child deserves and needs a role model that is reflective of them."
The Stateline Community Foundation manages the Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship in collaboration with the School District of Beloit and a committee of community leaders.
You can donate to this scholarship program by clicking Here

For more information, you can reach out to Michelle Hendrix-Nora or Jennifer Paepke.
Grab and Go Meals: Feeding our Community of Children
Since March 2020, the School District of Beloit has provided a full week of breakfast and lunch meals to all children in our community from ages 1 to 18. These nutritious meals always include fruits, vegetables, and protein.

As of March 10, 2021, we have provided 677,685 meals to all children in our community.

That adds up to 32,501 gallons of milk; 278,846 servings of fruit; and 40.7 pounds of vegetables per child. Of course, this is only a tiny sampling of the healthy, nutritious food we are providing.

For our families unable to get to a Grab and Go site, we provide delivery service.
SDB Staff, Students and More!
2021 Racial Justice Award Recipient

Congratulation to Michelle Hendrix-Nora, Principal at McNeel Intermediate School, recipient of the 2021 Racial Justice Award from the YWCA Rock County.

The Racial Justice Award recognizes an individual who actively strives to eliminate racism and promotes racial equality. Individuals nominated demonstrate leadership and service to others. Her list of volunteerism, mentoring, leadership has a far-reaching scope and impact in our schools, district, and community.

Mrs. Hendrix-Nora speaks with forthrightness, grace and care, and her actions are thoughtful, engaging, and inspiring. We are #BeloitProud
BMHS Student Represents District at College-level Career Accelerator
Congratulations and Special Recognition to Jaidyn Cox, a junior PACMES Academy student at Beloit Memorial High School, on his acceptance and participation in a five-week, college-level entrepreneurship experience, Commons Virtual Career Accelerator.

Jaidyn represented the School District of Beloit and Beloit Memorial High School as the youngest student/participant to ever be accepted.

Jaidyn shared that there were three things that most impressed him about his experience, “Number one was the sheer amount of networking I was exposed to each day. I met people from all industry segments, from college professors, start-up entrepreneurs, financial executives, and more; number two was the comprehensive approach Commons Virtual Career Accelerator took from start to finish on inspiring and pushing us to create and develop a business plan and business; and number three was the inclusion and professionalism of the entire team and experience, especially with me being the youngest person participating. My ideas and what I said were viewed and valued the same way as the professionals or college students.”

Mr. Anthony Capozziello, Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurship Teacher at Beloit Memorial High School, recommended Jaidyn for this program even though he is only 16 years of age. “Jaidyn is a very smart student with a keen sense of business acumen. I knew he would be a wonderful candidate for this program, and I reached out to my contacts to make it happen. Jaidyn not only held his own with college-aged students, but he also excelled. He is another example of the opportunities that await our Academy students."

Jaidyn’s future plans include attending college for aerospace engineering or another field of engineering. After this experience, however, he has not ruled out owning his own business. We wish Jaidyn all the best with his future plans.
School District of Beloit All-Stars
The All-Star Awards recognize staff members for their passion, work, and dedication to the students and families in our District.

Please check out this LINK to read about our incredible and inspiring All-Star Award winners.

Congratulations to Brett Berg, Deb Edmonds, Ann Flicek, Dave Garry, Brandy Grady, and Kathi Ryczek, our March 2021 All-Stars.

Our next All-Star Award Winners will be announced at the end of May.
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