May 1, 2024

Nelson's News & Updates Volume XI

Happy Birthday, Ed Briggs & Happy Retirement!

We want to wish a Happy Birthday ( May 13th) to Ed Briggs, Nelson's Maintenance Supervisor. We would also like to wish Ed a Happy Retirement, he will be retiring and going part-time May 1st. Ed has been with Nelson's since about 2012, Congratulations Ed. Thank you for all your hard work!!


About May.....

  1. May is named after Maia, an earth goddess of growing plants.
  2. The birthstone for May, the emerald, symbolizes love and success.
  3. May was once considered a bad luck month to get married. An old proverb says, “Marry in May and you’ll rue the day.”
  4. May is a spring month in the Northern Hemisphere, while it’s autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
  5. The United Kingdom celebrates May as National Smile Month.

Just a bit of history...

It was not until 1821 that Ocala became a United States Territory. And the modern city of Ocala was established in 1849, and renamed after the “Kingdom of the Sun”.

Ocala is known for its equestrian ties dating back to 1943 with the first thoroughbred horse farm. Now called the “Horse Capital of the World” the city hosts the annual HITS horse show, one of the largest in the country.

In addition to its equestrian ties Ocala is a nature lovers paradise. Known for the Ocala National Forest and local springs around the area, the most famous being Silver Springs, there are tons of outdoor things to do in Ocala.

Best Things To Do In Ocala Florida

Ocala Historic District

If looking for historical things to do in Ocala, the Ocala Historic District should be on your list. Since 1880, Fort King Street has been home to Ocala’s first residential neighborhood.

The homes in the Ocala Historic District were all built before 1930. A great place to walk around as the street is lined with gorgeous Live Oak Trees.

A stroll down the street will allow you to see the progression of history. From Queen Anne Revival residences built before 1910, to later Revival-style residences along Fifth Street, to Bungalows in the Southwest Historic District.

The Ocala Historic District should be on anyone’s list of things to do in Ocala! The Fort King Road played an important role in the history of Ocala, which allowed the ports at Silver Springs and Fort King to be connected from both Tampa and Tallahassee.

This area remains one of the most popular residential areas in Ocala. It is a part of the National Register for its role in the history of Ocala.

Dog Rules Please Read

As a reminder, please do not tie your dog outside unsupervised. All dogs must be on a leash if outside the home, and monitored while outside.

Please secure your doors, so dogs, while inside, can not run out the door. This could cause unnecessary harm to other animals, children, or other people walking down the street.

Thank you,

Park Management

Cats, Cats, Cats and more Cats

The limit for cats in a home is two (2) cats. All cats are to be either spayed or neutered, and up to date on all vaccines. You will be required to show proof of spay or neuter and current vaccine records.

We will soon be re-homing stray cats throughout the park. So please be sure your cats are inside your home and not roaming the park causing a nuisance. Nelson's will not be responsible for cats picked up and re-home that are running loose in the park.

2024 Levitt AMP Ocala Music Lineup: The Levitt AMP Ocala Music Series will present 3 free, family-friendly concerts to the public this spring.

Webb Field | 1501 W Silver Springs  


  • Friday, May 3
  • Headliner The Sensational Barnes Bothers (Soul/Gospel)
  • Opener Mwiza
  • Friday, May 10
  • Headliner Kyshona (Roots/R&B)
  • Opener Jenna Clark
  • Friday, May 17
  • Headliner The Rumble featuring Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr. (New Orleans Style Funk)
  • Opener Central Community Arts Big Band

Downtown Umatilla Florida 1940's

Did you know?

Since the 1980s, the black bear population has been expanding along with our human population. Florida has grown from 5 million residents in 1960 to 20 million today and is projected to reach almost 36 million by 2060. Urban sprawl is encroaching on traditionally remote areas, bringing people into prime bear habitats. As a result, bears and people are encountering each other more than ever.

The mere presence of a black bear does not represent a problem. Living in black bear country can provide unique and rewarding experiences! The best way to enjoy our wildlife is to keep them wild and away from food sources like garbage, pet food, and bird seed.


It is blueberry season!

Looking for something to do with the family? Try Amber Brooke Farms


Hours: See Website for Details

Please note NO CASH, All major credit cards and debit cards accepted

Area: North Lake County

36111 N CR 44A, Eustis, FL, 32736

(352) 973-1963

If you were born in May, your zodiac sign is Taurus (May 1st to 20th) or Gemini (May 21st to 31st). People born under Taurus, an earth sign, are known to be intelligent, dependable, and stubborn. People born under Gemini, an air sign, are known to be whimsical, talkative, and adaptable.

Are you interested in something to do with the family?

Downtown Eustis Street Party

Fri, May 3, 2024

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm | US/Eastern

Location: Downtown Eustis

Enjoy this monthly, family-friendly event with live music, food vendors, and more.  

Joe will be doing pest control and rental inspections the week of

May 20th through the 24th.

Attention residents. Nelson's does, as a courtousy to our residents, monthly inspections on all rental homes, with no exceptions. We come in to make sure we have no water leaks or damages that need to be addressed, and along with that, we offer our professional-grade pest control spray, at no charge to residents. You are not obligated to have us spray for pests, you may hire an outside source if you like, at your expense, but we will still be coming in for monthly home inspections.

Pest control services and inspections are always the third full week of the month, so we ask that you prepare your schedule accordingly. We will not be rescheduling any inspections unless cleared with the office ahead of time, 352-821-3474.

Call the maintenance line as soon as you notice a problem, do not wait days, weeks, or months to notify us, do not wait for Joe to show up for his monthly inspection,call as soon as a problem is noticed, please.


# 352-821-0506

Thank you,

Park management

The first Memorial Day took place on May 30, 1868.

Memorial Day is considered a federal holiday in the United States, in which we honor and mourn members of the military who have passed away while serving in the United States Armed Forces. On this day, we pay tribute to those who gave their lives while protecting and serving their nation.

The Park Office will be closed on Monday, May 27th, 2024 in observance of Memorial Day.


John A. Logan is considered the founder of Memorial Day

Logan served as a Union Army general during the Civil War and later resumed a career in politics.

As head of the Grand Army of the Republic, a volunteer organization for Civil War veterans, Logan called for a national day of remembrance for fallen Civil War soldiers in 1968. This occasion became the basis for Memorial Day.












MAY 12TH, 2024


Nelson's Yard of the Month for May 2024

Congratulations Teresa Lot # 50!

If you have an announcement, news, or anniversary you would like me to post in the newsletter, give us a call 352-821-3474