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Is your lab flooring sustainable
Of the many factors that go into selecting flooring for a lab facility, where does sustainability rank? While many lab and facility managers desire a product that’s sustainable, many are not quite clear as to what makes one type of flooring greener than the other. Answering the following questions can clear that up:

  • How was the flooring made? Was it made from renewable materials?
  • How safe was the process to make the flooring?
  • What kind of carbon footprint does making the flooring leave behind?
  • Can the flooring be recycled and used again?
  • Does the flooring compare favorably to the various types of flooring using the Environmental Production Declaration format utilized by the USGBC in their LEED program. 

If you don’t know the answers to these questions for your existing flooring and sustainability is important to your organization, give us a call at 508-583-3200. We can help you assess what you have and offer possible solutions to meet your sustainability goals.
Ask a SelecTech distributor
What’s the one feature of SelecTech flooring products you recommend the most? Here's what Mike Blasek of Spartan Surfaces had to say.
Selecting the proper flooring material can significantly impact both the students and staff in a learning environment. On a basic level, having a comfortable floor benefits students and teachers as they are moving around the building throughout the day. Aesthetically, the color and design of the floor can be used to engage students.

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