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Determine chlorophyll concentrations, algal classes, and photosynthetic activity simultaneously with the AlgaeLabAnalyzer.

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Calibrated with live algal cultures.

Simple to operate. No sample prep.


  • Quick, easy chlorophyll determination using algal class analysis

  • Direct measurement without sample preparation

  • Maintenance free

  • Integrated stirrer

  • Intuitive data export

  • PC operation using bbe++ software

  • Laptop Included

  • Hard transport case (optional)

  • External battery (optional)

The bbe AlgaeLabAnalyzer offers the simultaneous determination of chlorophyll concentrations, transmission, and - as an option - the photosynthetic activity of microalgae in a 25 ml glass cuvette. The chlorophyll content is excited by colored LEDs and allocated to the different algal classes.

It enables direct measurement without sample preparation by filtration or solvent. The fluorescence signals f0, f, fm are used to calculate the photosynthetic activity using the Genty parameter method. A yellow substances (CDOM) correction allows for correct calculation of total chlorophyll content.

AlgaeLabAnalyzer Measurements:


Performed without sample preparation and therefore much faster than common chlorophyll analysis. The average measuring time is only 1 minute. The results are comparable to HPLC pigment analysis or wet-chemical analysis (R²>0.93).

Algae Class Differentiation

Determination of the chlorophyll content emerging from green algae, blue-green algae, diatoms plus dinoflagellates, and cryptophyceae using LEDs with visible range from UV to red.


Takes place during each analysis and is used to compensate the effect of turbidity on chlorophyll analysis. The correction is performed automatically.

Toxicity (optional)

Standardized microalgae from a culture are used to determine the effect of toxicity in the presence or absence of potentially toxic water. The ALA compares the photosynthetic activity of sample water treated with untreated microalgae to evaluate the level of toxicity of a water sample. The test takes 30 minutes in total.

Algae Class Activity (optional)

Records the percentage of photo-synthetically active chlorophyll under illumination, sorted into the different algal classes, and provides information about the health of the cell population. Parameter is the variable fluorescence.

Data shown in the bbe++ software

Applications include:

  • Waterway analysis and assessment

  • General environmental assessment

  • Intake monitoring

  • Chemical analysis

  • Toxicity testing
  • Waste detection

  • Dam monitoring

  • Limnological work

  • Research and education 
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