Crossing the Threshold   

Is There Life After Death?

My anthroposophical teachers always recommended reading Rudolf Steiner's lectures,  Life Between Death and Rebirth to those who had passed the threshold of death. This practice continued the loving connection between the reader and the person who has passed over the threshold. Generally, this practice went on for the first three days after the passing.

In a quiet and reverent mood, the reader transmits to the loved one the contents of the book which describes the realms the person will be traversing from death to another birth. These spiritual spheres that the person is traveling through need a road map to help understand the new atmosphere and the topology of the spiritual world. These spheres are the interpenetrating realms of hierarchical beings who inhabit these realms that are so beautifully described in the cosmology of spiritual science. 

They are often referred to as the realms of the "harmony of the spheres." Reading descriptions of these realms to the deceased helps them orient themselves in these spheres which they have been "born" into so recently.

The spiritual spheres have been referred to as a seven-storied mountain, Jacob's ladder, the gradual path of awakening, the search for the Holy Grail, the steps of initiation, the stages of enlightenment, the Tibetan Seven Limb Practice, the mansions of heaven, and many other names. No matter what religion you may be, if you believe in the after-life, you need to prepare for the spiritual world you will be "born" into through the process of death.
Most spiritual training in this life is done to prepare for what we will experience on the other side of the threshold, either through death, sleep, or the processes of initiation.

The goal is to meet and communicate with the spiritual hierarchies, saints, and ascended beings who live in the spiritual world. It requires moral development and the interest to learn the spiritual language that is being spoken in the realm of the spheres. It requires wakefulness, moral development, diligence, renunciation of the material world, preparation, concentration, contemplation, meditation and spiritual dialogue between the soul and spirit of the initiate to be awake in the spiritual world beyond the threshold of death. 

Spiritual training is a way to begin to see the eternal as it manifests in this world as a product of the unseen world.

Modern thinkers are often not aware of the path the individual eternal spirit travels between death and rebirth. This type of spiritual scientific training is rare in our day and the lack of awareness needs to be remedied on this side of the threshold before death comes and it is too late to gain what is needed in the after-life. 

After death, the individual is not free to learn and love as they were in the earth realm. Humans are individualized and seemingly "alone" in a body that has limitations and constrictions in the material world. This loneliness is the price we pay for the personal freedom. We may accept or reject the gifts of the spiritual world from the unseen realms.

It takes faith to develop the capacities to believe that there is a spiritual world or that there is life after death, let alone the belief in repeated human earth incarnations, or what is generally called reincarnation. It takes a willingness to believe that human karma and reincarnation exist. The modern materialistic thinker has no proof that an after-life exists or that spiritual beings populate a realm where human beings can live after death.

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Our Spirit is a Cosmic Cornucopia

When the we met in late 2011, our universes collided with the amazing possibilities that lay in front of us as spiritual researchers. Both Tyla and Douglas had pursued the studies of AnthropoSophia for decades, each in their different, yet compatible ways. You can imagine how excited we were to find in one another, the completion of the picture we had been imagining for years. For the next year (2012) we compared notes and thoughts about how we could best present the being of Sophia to others.

How could we demonstrate the nature and experience of a being that transcends time and space in the limited form of a 3D book? 

How could we leave room for sacred magic and synchronicity to dance between the words and images of our presentation? 

How could our own experience of Sophia be communicated to others in a reflection of our experience of Her? 

And, most important, how could these teachings be transmitted to anyone, anywhere, at anytime?

Although we knew that physical books would be necessary to "anchor" our project in the material world, we wanted to go beyond books. We also saw the growing trend of using web platforms for information dissemination. 

The internet, websites, computers, smart phones, and tablets aren't going away--so how could these devices and tools be used to create a new type of literary genre? We started out with the intention of creating a revolutionary book on Sophia, but instead, created an eternal book that has become a unique experience for each reader, spiritual researcher, and aspirant.

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There are countless doorways to enter the Temple of Sophia. You might find your way from reading an article about 5G or find our special recipe for colloidal silver water. But once you cross the bridge from this world of material and matter into Sophia's realm of potential and possibility, you may never want to stop exploring the virtual space we have created and continue to expand. 

We don't want you to get lost, so below is a "map" of this virtual space...kind of like a hang out for spiritual seekers. Please help others find their way so that we can awaken our brothers and sisters around the world. 

Please show them a door that resonates with their own place of consciousness and let Sophia's synchronicity lead them to the next place in their journey. 

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We hope you enjoy this week's theme of crossing the threshold. The compilation of passages from Steiner's Book of the Dead can help any one of us prepare for the threshold of passing from this life into the spiritual world.

We have also provided you with a PDF version that you can print and have in hand for your own practice of reading to loved ones who have died.This tradition is called lectio divina.  

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