Happy Sprinter Carole,

Ha! Ha! "Sprinter" is a cross between Spring and Winter! Isn't that what it is out there in our neck of the woods? It's a new season that Mother Earth has created. Seriously, Spring really wants to take hold but Winter is not so eager to let go.

Winter is the season to go inward, taking all our energies out of the branches and down into the roots to recharge our batteries, re-energize. Perhaps Mother Earth is simply stating that we still need a little bit more rest for what is to come.

Personally I don't mind. I trust the process of the seasons. Our Great Mother has been doing this since the beginning of time, who are we to tell her to rush into the next season.

Nature is such a beautiful reminder.

When we are connected to her,

she sings songs and whispers great wisdom.

I was reminded of this in the past month, you can't rush and chase to get to the goal. I see this everywhere. I see it in my business, my personal life and I see it in the lives of those I serve.


perhaps you are here to remind us

to trust, have faith

and enjoy the added days of rest

before we start buzzing around

like the bees again.



Is this YOUR Sign?

Carole, do you ever feel in so much overflow that you want to share with everyone that abundance that is flowing through your veins?

This is exactly how I have been feeling! I want to share!

For those of you still feeling called to the shamanic path I am re-opening the Early Bird registration for the Thunder Bird Spirit Medicine for 2 spots till April 30, 2024.

Consider this your sign!

Reach out and I'll get you signed up.


Health System

If you follow me on IG or FB you may have noticed that I have been posting in "Stories" my daily updates on Daily Health System. My journey thus far has been remarkable. I did not know I could feel so much better.

🌸Deep deep sleep

🌸Reduced inflammation in my hands

🌸Waist circumference decreased (ah who am I kidding I lost 5 lbs!)

🌸So much more energy...wow!

🌸Brain fog gone

🌸Early morning rising

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For those who do not know my health history in this space there are a few BIG changes here.

One, I have lived with insomnia for 22 years and when I introduced Glow (Collagen Supplement) into my lifestyle I started to sleep. Now with the Daily Health System (DHS) I'm sleeping deeply and waking up with the birds feeling refreshed.

You have no idea how wonderful this feels.

The other is weight. For years I have known I had metabolic disharmony but did not know how to regulate it in a natural way. I have tried cleanses, fasts, eliminating all kinds of foods and to no avail has it brought my metabolic health in balance.

Well this is all changing!

Don't become fated to what you think is part of getting older!

We are creators and we can create a

health that matches our life span.


Curious reach out!

Happy Earth Day - Everyday!

How we can live in reciprocity.

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