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Tingly Mouth?
Is your mouth tingly after eating an apple? Do your ears itch after biting a banana? 

Ever bite into a fresh peach or piece of melon and your mouth feels itchy, or your lips swell? It's not just in your head - it's called  oral allergy syndrome (OAS). Also known as pollen-food allergy syndrome, it happens when you eat certain raw fruits, veggies, or nuts that contain cross-reacting allergens.
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Time To Eat?
A growing body of research suggests that our bodies function optimally when we align our eating patterns with our circadian rhythms, the innate 24-hour cycles that tell our bodies when to wake up, when to eat and when to fall asleep. Studies show that chronically disrupting this rhythm - by eating late meals or nibbling on midnight snacks, for example - could be a recipe for weight gain and metabolic trouble.
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Filling Food Gaps with Tower Gardens
The Harbor Church in downtown Dothan, AL is changing the perception of what it means to grow food with its new urban farming program. The church is working with Grow Hope Farms to grow food at the church through aeroponic farming.

Kody Kirchhoff, executive director of The Harbor, said the idea behind the urban farming system is to fill a healthy food gap in the community.
"We do give out food every day, but many times that food is daily subsistence survival food. It might be quick pop top items," said Kody Kirchhoff. "Vienna sausage or ramen noodles, sure it's substance, but it's not healthy living."
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