We hope you don't mind the extra newsletter so soon after the last, but we wanted you to see how 
this story is hitting the Internet in a big way.  Please see the Millennium Report article and share with others.

The Millennium Report 

Read this insightful article on how Waldorf and anthroposophy influenced the most amazing fairy tale ever told.  Please click below and share on your Facebook wall for others to read.

Our last newsletter was an exciting REVEAL for 
many people. Where else could Waldorf teachers, Anthroposophists, and Star Wars fans find common ground?  And who would have thought that the foundations of Anthroposophy and Waldorf could influence over one billion people in 40 years....with more generations to come? If you didn't see the article, check out the links below. Plus we have added a few more video interviews and talks on this topic.

Source of the Force 
Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

Click the video to learn  the incredible contribution that anthroposophy m ade to  the creation  of one of history's blockbuster movies.  

In this video Douglas describes how to achieve the FORCE through midi-chlorians, the etherization of the blood, and the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream.  Learn how Ormus and enzymes activate the food for the gods. 

Seeing the Importance of Enzymes?

Miracle of Enzymes
Miracle of Enzymes

We can't tell you how VIBES will work for you so that is why we provide a before and after symptom list with every bottle.  We also can't tell you what they will do for your spiritual development.  We can only show you by our own example.

In this video Douglas explains how the lower chakras, which includes your digestive system, must be fully activated before you can access the higher chakras for spiritual development.

If we could provide these free to you as digital e-Vibes, we would.

But these aren't like articles and videos that we can post on the Internet. We have them formulated at a national manufacturer according to Tyla's special formulation. Her naturopathy clients rave about them and they don't even know the esoteric principals, like you do, behind their formulation.  

International friends, email tyla@gospelofsophia.com so that we can arrange affordable shipping rates to your country.

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