Rounding Out Women's History


We here at Faith Community United Credit Union celebrate Women's History month by honoring all of the trailblazers that have contributed the success of this credit union. We are thankful for all of the women who haved worked here, chaired committees, vounteered, served as CEO, and of course all the women that are members of this credit union. We will continue to contribute to our community by ensuring the underserved have a voice in this economy. You are truly a history-maker and we salute you!

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Our CEO Ms. Jacqueline Moore

 Women of Faith

Is My Money Safe?

Absolutely! We realize there are a lot of chaotic things happening in the banking industry but we caution you not to panic but be aware, informed, and prepared.

Faith is always here to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

Click the link below and read the information that you will find helpful in understanding how your money is protected and steps you should take to ensure you have a peace of mind about your finances.

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Did You Miss the 71st Annual Meeting?

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Spring has sprung! We hope to see you as we March along and prepare to bloom. Stop in today and ask one of our friendly staff how we can help you open an account, secure a low-interest loan, or purchase your home. We have something that can help meet one of your financial needs.

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Shared Branching Is Here!

For your convenience, Shared Branching allows you to make deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, and more at participating credit unions throughout the U.S.

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