IAA Policy Update
February 5, 2021
During the state legislative session, the IAA sends out a bi-weekly legislative update. In these emails you'll get an update on what's going on at the State Capitol, and in Congress, as well as actions you can take to advocate for afterschool!
Federal Policy Update
A three bill-package was introduced into the House Education and Labor Committee at the end of January that aims to combat COVID-19 learning loss. One of the most notable bills from this package is the Learning Recovery Act of 2021. Through the Title I Part A formula, $75 billion would be provided to school districts over two years.

The Learning Recovery Act provides support for before school, after school and summer programming, as well as other critical services such as trauma screenings and mental health supports, enrichments in fine arts, athletics, and programs that promote student learning and engagement. For a fact sheet on the Learning Recovery Act click here. To read the complete bill text, click here.

The other two bills in the three-bill package include the Reopen and Rebuild America's Schools Act of 2021 which provides $135 billion to reopen public schools ensuring the safety of students and educators, and the Save Education Jobs Act of 2021 that would establish the Education Jobs Fund and provide schools with $261 billion over ten years.

Read more about the three-bill package from the House Education and Labor Committee here.
State Policy Update
Recently Signed Education Bills
Senate File 160 - Mandates that Iowa schools offer a 100% in person option to families.
Helpful Links
Click here to find your legislator. You can search by address, city, school district, county, or zip code.

To find bios, contact information, and photos of all the legislators, go to the Legislators page on the Iowa Legislature website. Select either "Senators" or "Representatives" on the left-side menu to see a complete list of all members, including links to their information page and district map. 

For a complete list of Senate and House committees and members, click here.

For a full list of Senate and House leadership, click here.
IAA Action Center
IAA Afterschool Snack 2021
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Valentines for Legislators event! We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful creations, and delivering these cards to the capitol for Valentine's Day!

Next Friday, February 12th, the Iowa Afterschool Alliance will be hosting a lunch and learn for Iowa's legislators, where we will cover the recently released data from America After 3PM. We would love if you could contact your legislator and encourage them to attend our legislative event. If you are interested in contacting your legislator on our behalf, please email Emilee Harris at eharris@sppg.com.
Increases income eligibility limits for the child and dependent care and early childhood development tax credits.
Provides businesses with income, franchise, monies and credits, and gross premiums tax credits for providing child care benefits to employees of the business, and including applicability date provisions.
Establishes Child Care Future Zones Program, which will provide financial assistance to individuals looking to open a child care facility in an area with three times as many children under the age of 5 than current child care openings.
Relates to child care reimbursement rates under the state child care assistance program.
Establishes a new graduated phase-out for families exiting the Child Care Assistance program. Families earning between 225%-235% of the federal poverty level are required to pay 33% of child care costs. Families earning between 235%-245% of the federal poverty level are required to pay 45% of child care costs. Families earning 245%-250% of the federal poverty line are required to pay 60% of child care costs.
Update to the number of children who can be in care at a child care home at one time. There must be 6 or fewer children in attendance if one child is school-age or older. There must be 7 or fewer children in attendance if two or more children are school-age. School-age children are defined as being 4-17 years of age.
Important Dates
March 3: First Funnel
Final date for House bills to be passed out of House committees, and Senate bills out of Senate committees.
April 2: Second Funnel
Final date for Senate bills to be passed out of House committees and House bills to be passed out of Senate committees.
April 30: Target Adjournment Date