News and Updates | January 2022
National School Choice Week is approaching!
Get ready to celebrate! Students from all across the state are coming together at Robinson Center on Monday, Jan. 24, for National School Choice Week. We also have fun community activities scheduled at different locations throughout the week.
We are also hosting a virtual town hall for military families. The Reform Alliance, the Arkansas Council for Military Children and Little Rock Air Force Base School Liaison will share the options and resources that are available for military families to help K-12 students get a quality education.

The event will stream live from our Facebook page at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 26.
Reserve tax credits for funding students in 2022!
Do you want your state income tax dollars to directly fund K-12 students in Arkansas?

Here's your chance: The Reform Alliance (TRA) will begin accepting donations for the new Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids program beginning in January 2022.

Individual or businesses that pay income taxes in Arkansas can claim a state tax credit for up to 100% of their annual income tax liability by donating to scholarship granting organizations, like TRA.

The donations will fund scholarships for K-12 students to attend qualified private schools. Click the button below to make your donation!
Fervent petitions from fellow education advocates. Poignant stories from families. Purpose-driven interactions in our communities. These are just a few of the memories that we are taking with us from 2021. We hope you enjoy this video with a look back at some of the highlights from this year.
The Reform Alliance out in the community!
The Forrest City School District opened its new Family Resource Center on Dec. 15.
We hosted the Gingerbread Schoolhouse Competition for Arkansas schools.
Our Pine Bluff staff stayed busy with a Dads on Duty visit, the Christmas Crawl and more!
Education News and Headlines
Image Source: Wall Street Journal
School choices saves money and helps kids
"A recent fiscal analysis showed for every dollar spent on expanding educational opportunities for families via choice programs, taxpayers saved about $2.80. ... Research also indicates students who remain in public schools where choice programs exist improve academically."
Arkansas School Board Association leaves national
On Dec. 8, the Arkansas School Boards Association ended its decades-old affiliation with the National School Boards Association, partly in response to the letter the national organization sent to the White House earlier this year.
Image Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Image Source: Fox News
Parental school choice case goes before U.S. Supreme Court
Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a Maine case where a family was not allowed to use a voucher program to attend a parochial school.
Faces of Freedom
These are the voices of Arkansas families who have benefited from Arkansas’s Succeed Scholarship Program:

"Within two weeks of attending her new school, I began seeing a brand new little girl get into my car every afternoon. Her teachers and new friends saw something in her that others couldn’t, and they were equipped with the tools to help her to see her fullest potential and reach for it with all of her might. Her teacher’s words to me were this, 'There’s way more in her than anyone has ever tried to pull out. But we will get it out of her.'

Here we are, a year and a half later, and not only is my daughter’s speech improved, but her confidence to learn and interact with others has improved tremendously. I attribute a large part of all of this to the Succeed Scholarship. Without it, none of this would have been attainable for my daughter or my family." – Tiara, parent Click here to read the full story.
The Reform Alliance is proud to manage the Succeed Scholarship at no cost to the State of Arkansas. Even small expenses like the cost of mailing checks to schools are paid for by a private foundation grant. 
We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring every K-12 student in Arkansas has equal access to a world class education. Our mission is to create a network of parent and community leaders so every policy decision and every conversation about education starts and ends with how it impacts our kids.