Tour Campanets Bois des Fées 2016
organic white wine from the hills of Provence 

This white wine is a stunner, so we just had to import it. Clean, clear, fresh and refreshing with aromatics that will enchant and delight. Made from 70% Vermentino (locally called Rolle) and 30% Ugni Blanc this wine has citrus, passion fruit and almond flavors and it has zip. Organic producer Domaine Tour Campanets shows effortless skill with their limited white wine from Provence.

Domaine Tour Campanets, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, Bois des Fées 2016
12-bottle case $215.88 ($17.99)

newly imported

The Story of the Wine

Nestled in the hills outside of Aix-en-Provence, surrounded by woods and waterfalls is where you will find Domaine Tour Campanets. The very air smells of lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary, and the sun-filled days delight. It’s a picturesque and ideal property for vines to grow.

Emmanuelle Baude is at the helm of Domaine Tour Campanets. She is committed to the environment and the domaine has been certified organic since 2012. One of the things we love is that there is so much skill in this wine that it seems effortless. Just like their Rose, this white is rock solid - up to our picky standards - traditional wine making delivering effortless results. 

Bring on the seafood, bring on the warm evening Bois des Fées is clean, clear, fresh, and refreshing. The crystal clear platinum color (with a slight green hue) easily catches your eye. Then the friendly aromatics entice, with a delicate nose of exotic fruits (pineapple, passion fruit) and white flowers. As you sip, the wine blossoms into flavors of peach with a generous mouth feel. The minerality and acid give this wine zip.

Bois des Fées is a blend made from 70% Vermentino (locally called Rolle) and 30% Ugni Blanc. Vermentino is somewhat similar to Sauvignon Blanc with flavors of citrus, almond and some minerality; it gives the wine its back bone of flavor. Ugni Blanc adds smoothness and complex notes of quince and lemon and lends to a fresh full-bodied mouth feel.

This wine is made using traditional methods. To keep the flavors fresh and alive, she ferments the wine at a very cool temperature and then allows it to rest on the fine lees to develop that amazing mouth feel. Only 5% of this appellation (Aix-en-Provence) makes white wine.

Emmanuelle named the wine Bois des Fées “Wood of the Fairies” to give it a sense of place since an old-growth forest surrounds the domaine. She was bang on! The fanciful name perfectly describes the allure of this captivating white wine.

Add this to your “Summer’s must keep chilled” line-up. We already have - Cynthia Hurley French Wines

Domaine Tour Campanets, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, Bois des Fées 2016
12-bottle case $215.88 ($17.99)

newly imported
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