Dear friends and colleagues,

Building on a foundation in broadcast media and over 20 years in public relations, I am excited to introduce to you my new consulting practice, Wendolyn Reputation Management. This practice focuses on communications services essential for the next decade such as:


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a term for the non-financial factors now being measured and analyzed to identify corporate risks and opportunities. Corporate purpose and ESG overlap with the common goal of creating long-term value for the communities and world in which we live and work.

Wendolyn Reputation Management develops content that is ready for communication, specifically crafted for your stakeholders whether they are donors, investors, governments, customers, or media - allowing your corporate purpose to shine alongside your performance.


A proper crisis communications plan lays out the steps to ensure the right personnel is positioned to quickly and effectively communicate with all stakeholders to safeguard organizational reputations and preserve business continuity.

Wendolyn Reputation Management helps organizations prepare for and respond to crises with effective communication that earns trust, inspires confidence, and creates stability.


Spokespersons are the master storytellers of their organizations. They promote achievements and defend reputations.

Wendolyn Reputation Management helps you take advantage of media interviews and other communication opportunities by learning to confidently and effectively share messages and connect with your audience. 

I look forward to staying in touch and being a resource for you.

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