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Theory of Change:

MidPen's Five-Year Strategic Plan

Dear Friend of MidPen Housing,

I am thrilled to share with you our new five-year strategic plan and Theory of Change.

Our new strategic plan aims to solve the unprecedented housing affordability crisis in our region, a crisis exacerbated by growing inequity that is tearing at the fabric of communities, displacing vulnerable people, and threatening the vitality and diversity of our region.

Fifty years ago, MidPen was founded upon the exact same mission it strives to fulfill today, to address racial segregation and discrimination in housing and inequities in economic development, education and healthcare.  

We have had the privilege to learn from the leaders and innovators that came before us. We have used that learning to develop our strategic plan, which highlights emerging priorities with strategies that focus on our residents, Greater Bay Area residents in need of affordable housing, and the Greater Bay Area. 

Our new plan is ambitious and includes accountability mechanisms, outlining clear outcomes we will hold ourselves to as we implement the plan, and we encourage others to hold us accountable as well.

To learn more about our plan, please visit our website, or click HERE. Thank you for supporting MidPen Housing. We look forward to continuing our work together in creating a more just and equitable future.



Matt Franklin, President & CEO

MidPen Housing

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