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Message from the Director of Research and Innovation

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce our first issue of the DFM's Research newsletter, INNOVATION . This biannual e-newsletter facilitates the sharing of research and innovative academic projects by our faculty and trainees. In each issue, you will see highlights, stories and articles of interest by our scientists, clinician scientists, teachers and residents. There are many active scholars in our Department doing cutting-edge research and innovation in health services research, medical education research, educational innovations, quality improvement, and more. We are offering an upcoming Manuscript Preparation Dinner Series in early 2020 (dates TBD), where you will learn how to successfully submit a scientific manuscript for publication. For more information, please contact Stefan Maksimovic at smaksimovic@bruyere.org.

Please read this first issue and share your feedback . Better yet, submit your own story !

Doug Archibald, PhD
Director of Research and Innovation
My FMRSP Experience: Learning to combine clinical practice with diverse research interests
By: Dr. Tiffany Locke
I have been interested in research since my undergraduate studies and have taken opportunities to get involved in research whenever possible since that time. For my FMRSP, I was hoping to do a project in primary care that would not only be relevant to Family Medicine, but also relate to Public Health. I met with Dr. Peter Tanuseputro , a Public Health Clinician Researcher at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, who also works as a Family Physician. 
FMRSP Deadlines
  • Question and Timeline: December 1, 2019
  • Short Report: March 1, 2020
  • Progress Report: September 1, 2019
  • Final Report: February 1, 2020
Our team is currently working on new technological solutions to facilitate communication with your FMRSP Supervisor and our research team - stay tuned for more updates this fall! Visit the DFM Virtual Campus for more information on your FMRSP, or contact fmrspdfm@uottawa.ca.
Need EMR data?

Are you interested in receiving EMR data for a QI project or your FMRSP? Contact Darene Toal-Sullivan ( dtoalsullivan@bruyere.org) with OPEN for more information.
Exciting Progress from the Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network (OPEN)
The Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network (OPEN) is an initiative that aims to establish the optimal approach to support primary care practices in achieving their QI goals. It is structured as a Learning Collaborative which allows its members to learn from each other’s experience and expertise. On July 11, OPEN hosted its first Learning Collaborative Workshop which was attended by members of eight OPEN practices, ranging in geography from central Ottawa to Pembroke, and two Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialists.
Dr. Daniel Myran and Dr. Peter Tanuseputro publish two studies examining alcohol use and access to cannabis
DFM graduate Dr. Daniel Myran and OHRI Researcher Dr. Peter Tanuseputro, who is cross-appointed to family medicine, have recently published two separate investigative studies in CMAJ and CMAJ OPEN relating to alcohol use in Ontario and access to cannabis following legalization across Canada.
Examining the impact of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) on data acquisition and clinical reasoning
By: Dr. Gary Viner
Having an abiding interest and fascination with technology, I was promptly engaged in the Ottawa Hospital implementation of Epic. As I learned more about the software though, I began to understand that it was much more than an electronic recording system, because it had various embedded artificial intelligences and I became concerned about the potential impact on developing clinical reasoning. 
Community Journal Club Meetings keep getting better and better!
Thank you to all residents and faculty who attended the Community Journal Club meeting on August 7. The venue and food were great - thank you  Dr. Ed Seale and family for being such fantastic hosts. Dr. Hanif Charania expertly led us through a synopsis of basic statistical analysis, up to date info and critical analysis for "recommended practice guidelines". We were fortunate to have Dr. Gabriela Lewin present who offered her insights being the former chief of the Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care. Afterwards, Dr. Jen Crichton , our Chief Community Resident met with the residents. Next Journal Club will be at the Tobin residence. Please join us, as it is such a fantastic way for us all to meet, eat great food, mingle among residents and community staff and have lively discussions on research and scholarship. Contact communitydfm@uottawa.ca for more information.
Apply now for the Academic and Leadership Support Fund
This fund supports faculty seeking postgraduate educational degrees or leadership courses that will enrich our academic mission.  The deadline to apply is  September 1 at 9 am .
Do you have an idea for a project? Apply for a PRIME Grant!
The PRIME grant supports Department of Family Medicine faculty members to undertake a scholarly or research project. The deadline for Letters of Intent is January 31, 2020 .
Other Funding and Award Opportunities
In the DFM's bid to increase its research intensity and international recognition, research funding and awards are becoming more and more important.

Research Award Winners in 2019 (so far!)
Congratulations to our faculty and residents (current and former) who have won research awards in 2019. Seeing our colleagues get well-deserved recognition is a great reminder to apply yourself and nominate your peers for awards!

  • Dr. Valérie Gratton - Outstanding Support to the DFM Resident Scholarly Project
  • Dr. Clare Liddy - CFPC Family Medicine Researcher of the Year
  • Dr. Tiffany Locke - Dr. Campbell T. and Pat Lamont Award for Excellence in Family Medicine Scholarly Projects
  • Dr. Sonam Maghera, Dr. Kate Trebuss and Dr. Laura Woo - Dr. Campbell T. and Pat Lamont Award for Excellence in Quality Improvement and Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Dr. Doug Manuel - University of Ottawa Distinguished University Professor, and DFM Outstanding Research Article
  • Dr. Elizabeth Muggah - Bruyère Partners in Excellence Award for Commitment to Quality
  • Dr. Kamila Premji (former resident) - CFP Best Original Research Article Award
  • Dr. Parisa Rezaiefar - Best oral presentation by a new investigator, Meredith Marks Day and W. Dale Dauphinee Fellowship from the Medical Council of Canada
Are you engaged in research, but unsure how to publish your findings? Do you want to learn exactly how to prepare a scientific manuscript? Join us for an upcoming Manuscript Preparation Dinner Series in early 2020 (dates TBD). By the end of the series, you will successfully submit a scientific manuscript for publication! For more information, please contact Stefan Maksimovic at smaksimovic@bruyere.org .
OPEN is currently seeking practices working under different models, including family health groups, family health organizations, family health teams, and community health centers. Contact Darene Toal-Sullivan ( dtoalsullivan@bruyere.org) to determine eligibility and answer any questions.
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We've been busy! Have a look at our full lists of presentations and publications in 2019 to date. Don't see your contributions included? Email commsdfm@uottawa.ca and we will ensure your work is captured.
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