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For fine custom reclaimed flooring and millwork please be sure to visit our sister company Antique Lumber Co.
Antique Lumber Co. saves historic NYC timbers.
The Jarmak Corporation and Antique Lumber Co. are proud to offer some of the finest and most prized reclaimed antique circle-sawn, original surface Hemlock, Pine and Fir timbers and joists recovered from the site of the historic 18th Century Bull's Head Tavern and the Atlantic Garden in the heart of the Bowery in NYC. Architectural historian Kerri Culhane who was responsible for adding the Bowery to the National Register of Historic Places had this to say (courtesy of Curbed NY): 

"Bulls Head Tavern and Atlantic Garden are really two of the most significant sites of their respective eras of New York City history, and it is amazing that they are built on top of one another and that there are some bones left. (An) archaeological investigation could tell a lot about the use and material culture of these places. There are plenty of historic sites claiming that Washington slept here, but in the case of the Bull's Head Tavern we really do know that Washington at least had a drink there. The good thing about archaeology from a developer's perspective is that it removes the historic artifacts and we learn from the site but it does not prevent construction from happening."

We will also be offering a limited supply of hand-hewn spruce timbers from the basement of the building believed to be the actual site of the Bull's Head Tavern itself. Call us today to reserve this piece of pre-revolutionary American history for your next building project! 

Original surface reclaimed Hemlock/Fir decking
One of the newest additions to our large inventory of antique reclaimed wood products is this beautiful Hemlock/Fir 2x8 decking. It's unpainted, and the original tongue and groove is left intact for that ultimate antique look.We offer this material in a variety of finishes, including raw, original surface, skip-planed, wired-brushed, and sanded.

Call 617.548.1829 today to order samples and view our pricing options.
Warmth, character, and charm for your home
Premium reclaimed wood products from the Jarmak Corporation are guaranteed to turn heads and add a level of complexity and character to your home that you could only imagine. Use for both interior and exterior applications on walls, ceilings, floors and more! Click here to read more.
Rustic bar-tops make for a one-of-a-kind look
The Jarmak Corporation is proud to support local businesses that are choosing to go green. Far From The Tree Craft Hard Cider  is made with 100% Massachusetts apples and other local natural ingredients.  The driving force behind their first offering is their connection with 250 year old traditional methods like fermenting and slowly aging their cider in oak barrels. So of course they wanted to use our historic wood for their bar tops! Al Snape, a 5th generation Bostonian, is creating a cider he feels represents their roots by using his cider making experience, his love for craft beer and connection with the area to create a new but traditional cider.  
Come see us at our lumber yard in Oxford
Looking to use reclaimed lumber for your next building project, but don't know where to start? Stop by our new yard just an hour outside the bustling city of Boston. There, you can see all of our premium quality reclaimed wood products, get ideas for your projects, and take home samples to share! We keep a wide selection of reclaimed wood on hand, in various species of all shapes and sizes to meet any projects needs.  
Local professionals choose our premium wood
We've been amazed by the showing of local support that we've had from local designers, builders and homeowners at our yard in Oxford. Here, Dave from Country Road Associates poses with his recent purchase of antique fir and pine timbers.

This week's featured product:
Reclaimed Chestnut Timbers

A recent addition to our inventory! These unpainted, circle-sawn Antique Chestnut timbers are perfect for that timber frame addition or office remodel. They just don't make wood like this anymore! Available as 10x12 and 8x12 in random lengths up to 12ft. View our inventory.

Wood with style
Reclaimed Oak Barn Boards

Available in widths from 5 1/4 - 9 1/2 inches and lengths of up to 16 feet, this 3/4 inch thick barnboard still has the original green paint on one side, and a circle sawn, original face on the other. Shown here lightly sanded, it will look great with any decor, in both flooring,wall, and ceiling applicationsView our inventory.

Silver barn wood
Rocky Mountain Fencing

Available in widths from 4 1/4 - 8 1/2 inches and lengths of up to 16 feet, this 3/4 inch thick fence boarding reclaimed from the Rocky Mountains has the original sun bleached, silver surface intact, with a re-milled shiplap. Shown here lightly sanded, it will look great with any decor on walls and ceiling applicationsView our inventory.
Architects and builders trust our products in their environmentally friendly building projects, including those that seek the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED certification, historic restorations, new construction or in any other application where the characteristics of reclaimed old-growth wood are desired. 

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