Plants as Medicine
Diversity Initiative through the Holistic Health Community in collaboration with the Morty & Gloria Wolosoff Foundation.  

Understanding the Elements and Connecting with the Spirits of Nature

Sunday, May 30th, 2021
4:30 PM - 6 PM via Zoom

Join us to explore and understand the spirit realm of plant medicine and how to be in relationship with their intelligence for healing. We will also share ways you can connect with the spirits of nature and understand the elements to help us identify easy ways to support people in their healing journey.
Please bring an herb, flower or root that you've been enjoying and make yourself a tea for the class!
INSTRUCTOR: Suanny Upegui is the Founder of Casa Finca, a Community Organizer, and a Psycho-Spiritual & Shamanic Medicine Guide. She was born in Choco, Colombia, raised in the mountains of Medellin, and in the Amazon, and moved to the US at age 12 away from civil war. As an Afro-Colombian/Indigena in a foreign country it became important to go deep into her own remembering and embodiment. She was brought-up with plant medicine in the forefront of our healing ways. Because of this, her ancestors made it clear that her path is to share the wisdom of nature and curate magical experiences to cultivate and support the healing of our individual and collective consciousness wherever possible. Suanny works closely with indigenous communities of the Amazonian Jungle, Colombian Sierra Nevada and Local Elders of the Northeast in NY. Her goal is to support in any way possible the needs of the jungle, the Earth, ancestral traditions and our elders' wisdom to be passed on to the new generations in honoring and respecting the people that came here before us. You can find her in ceremony with the land, trees, mountains, plants, the elements and the spirits of the plant world to understand the nature inside and out of us. This connection to the spirit world helps and keeps cultivating her to understand all the gifts and love all living beings have to give us and the fact that all around us is activated and eager to help us. More about her work can be found at