Community Update May 15
A well-deserved long weekend ahead!
Manitobans have certainly earned a relaxing long weekend after all of the hard work we've done to keep our COVID-19 cases as low as we have. Some gradual lifting of restrictions has begun in phase one of the provincial reopening plan. Provincial messaging has moved from "stay home" to "stay safe". But significant work to limit the spread of COVID-19 must continue. Public health is advising people to remain within or close to their home communities. The request to stay home as much as possible is still in place at this time. This includes limiting travel, even within Manitoba and neighbouring jurisdictions, to essential trips only.
With the long weekend approaching, Manitobans are reminded that travel is not permitted from southern Manitoba to areas, including campgrounds, north of the 53rd parallel, which is essentially anywhere north of the northern end of Lake Winnipeg. More information for cottage owners
NEW! No referral needed to get tested

Public health officials have expanded COVID-19 testing criteria to let more Manitobans take advantage of testing. If you have cold or flu like symptoms, please come for testing.

Can range from mild to severe and include fever and or chills, cough, core throat / hoarse voice, shortness of breath/breathing difficulties, loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24 hours, poor feeding (if an Infant), runny nose, muscle aches, fatigue, conjunctivitis (pink eye), headache, 
skin rash of unknown cause, nausea or loss of appetite 

If you have symptoms please visit one of the community testing sites.
Staff at the testing site in Eriksdale
Call before you go
 Call 1-855-347-8500 and press #1 for testing site hours of operation.
Take a tour of a testing site
We've worked with our Eriksdale staff to create a two minute video to give you a sense of what to expect when you come for testing.
If your test results say you do not have COVID-19:
Go online to see your test results. Search "Shared Health test results" or click here.
You can also call for test results daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.: 1-844-960-1984.
If your test results say you do have COVID-19:
You will be contacted by public health to discuss next steps.
Testing site locations
IERHA testing sites
As long as you are experiencing cough or cold like symptoms, you are welcome to visit any of three testing sites to be screened.

35 Railway Avenue Wellness Centre
10 am 3 pm, Monday to Friday ( CLOSED on May 18) *
Please remain in your car until staff on-site direct otherwise.

33 Vincent Street Ecole Powerview School
9 am 4 pm , Monday to Friday ( CLOSED on May 18) *
Please remain in your car until staff on-site direct otherwise.

9 am 4 pm, every day ( OPEN on May 18) *
Please remain in your car - this is a drive through testing site.

*Call & confirm hours in advance: 1-855-347-8500; press #1
What a COVID-19 test involves
A health care provider needs to swab the inside of your nose and will typically swab both nostrils.

Not sure if you're a candidate for testing?
Use the online tool or call
1-877-308-9038 for over the phone screening. Go through the questions to determine if you meet the criteria. You will NOT be tested if you do not meet the criteria.
Please check the Manitoba Health website for the most current criteria .
Mapping the spread
The Province of Manitoba website is now providing graphic representations of Manitoba's COVID-19 data. Click to see current data . (If you use Internet Explorer, click here )
Click on the map below to see real time spread globally.
Health Care Heroes
This week we recognized all health care staff in Manitoba who have stepped up to every challenge that COVID-19 has presented the health care system. Click to watch the video and download the art created by Kal Barteski for this occasion.

Emergency department status - looking good
The availability of physicians in emergency departments in the region is the best it has been in a long time. Every hospital has a physician available over the long weekend.

Please remember that every emergency department treats the patients who have the most urgent health care needs first. That means those with non-urgent health care needs may find themselves waiting while others receive care first.
Primary health care providers are still caring for patients with non-urgent needs. When you call to make an appointment, you'll receive the guidance you need to ensure you get the care you need. Don't put off seeking care. We are following provincial guidelines to keep you safe when accessing care.
Resources For You
Canadian Mental Health Association Wellness Support Response Line
COVID-19 is a major event and it’s affecting all of us in different ways. Canadian Mental Health Association staff members are available to listen, help answer questions, provide information and referrals, and support you with the skills and resources to cope with the challenges that COVID-19 has presented. The Wellness Support Response Line helps connect community members with peer support, BounceBack® CBT coaching for depression and anxiety, workplace and youth mental health education, brief intervention and supportive counselling and service navigation. These programs continue to provide evidence-based, compassionate and respectful services and programs to Manitobans.
Call 204.482.9723 or
Look after your wellbeing by finding balance
With the current health situation, many of our normal routines and daily activities are changing. Naturally this can be unsettling, and we can find that the things we usually did to look after our well-being have become difficult. Whether you are working from home, or in some form of physical isolation or distancing, it can be helpful to organize a daily routine that involves a balance between activities that:
• give you a sense of achievement
• help you feel close and connected with others and
• activities that you can do just for pleasure.

Your ideas and feedback are welcome. Please email us a t