Dear Community Members,


I am writing to you as follow-up to our communication earlier this week. I am very pleased to share that the JCRB|AJC Board has unanimously selected Neta Meltzer as Interim Director, and Neta has generously agreed to serve in this capacity. Neta joined the JCRB|AJC team in November 2023 as Director of Community and Government Relations. In that capacity, Neta has taken on a multifaceted portfolio. She has focused on building relationships with local, state, and federal elected leaders, and advocating around the priorities of the Jewish community. She has worked to establish new intergroup and interfaith partnerships, and to enhance existing ones. She has built relationships with key leaders in colleges and universities throughout our region to ensure Jewish students, faculty, and staff are safe and supported. And Neta has been an important voice on behalf of the community, engaging with media both on and off the record to represent the community's perspective.

Beyond her passion and collaborative approach to building relationships, Neta has not only the full support of our Board, but of the local JCRB|AJC staff. Her background has made her a uniquely strong complement to an already accomplished, professional, and dedicated team. Before joining JCRB|AJC, Neta served as the National Vice President of Community Engagement with Zioness Movement, a role that equipped her particularly well for responding to the current challenges facing the Jewish and Israeli communities. Her previous roles in women’s reproductive health care access and sexual violence prevention work have provided years of experience in communications and marketing, coalition-building, education and outreach, volunteer program management, and resource development. In all of these capacities, Neta has worked to create and enhance a variety of collaborative, enduring partnerships.

Neta was born in Tel Aviv and is a native Hebrew speaker. Her maternal grandparents were among founding members of Kibbutz Gal-On in Israel, and their values and lived experiences profoundly impacted her understanding of justice, dignity, and self-determination. She has contributed to national and local publications including The Forward, The Times of Israel, and the Kansas City Star, and spoke at the 2019 Denver Womxn's March about Jewish inclusion in the progressive movement. For anyone who would like to know more about Neta, I have included below a few of her published writings and media clips. Neta is eager to hear from our valued community partners—please don’t hesitate reach out to her.


Again, we deeply appreciate Neta’s willingness to step into the role of JCRB|AJC Interim Director. As mentioned, the Board will be convening a search committee to identify a permanent Executive Director for our organization as the team continues their important work.



Barry Kaseff

Board Chair, JCRB|AJC Kansas City

Neta Meltzer Writing & Media Samples

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