Interfaith Explorers &

Interfaith Connection

March 2024

In 2007 the term “Interfaith Explorers” was coined to create a title for a group e-mail list when the Interfaith Ministry was born at Spiritual Life Center. Ten interfaith classes were offered at Pioneer Congregational Church – attended by 100 per class on average. Local interfaith events were promoted as well.

In 2014 Rev Michael Moran coined the term “Interfaith Connection,” and a weekly Wednesday night WOW Interfaith program began at Spiritual Life Center and ran for two years. Interfaith field trips and promotion of local interfaith events also occurred during this time.

In 2020 a monthly Interfaith Explorers page was established on Spiritual Life Center’s website. A monthly Interfaith Explorers Newsletter was developed and monthly Interfaith Connection podcasts were recorded.

From some 700 people visiting the West Sacramento Gurdwara, to frequent visits to SALAM, Mosaic Law and many other faith communities, to participating in services at Lion’s Roar Dharma Center, we were in the forefront. We built Rangolis in the Spiritual Life Center courtyard with the help of our SLC family, and recorded rituals of light videos and enlightening interfaith podcasts. Through all of this, we all connected more deeply with our interfaith friends in the region.

It is time now, however, to step back and allow others to take up the torch and light of interfaith. So we are announcing at this time an end to Interfaith Explorers and Interfaith Connection activities as we step deeper into self-care.

We want to thank each and every one of you who participated in and supported our programs, and for doing your part to build interfaith bridges of understanding and peace in our world.

Rachel & Rev. Dave Lyman


Listen to past episodes of our award-winning Interfaith Connection podcast - now rated 5th out of the top 15 interfaith podcasts on the internet. Our podcasts have informed about and celebrate interfaith on all levels in the Sacramento region. Click here to view the podcast site. is the name of the new daily blog by Rev. Dave Lyman. It is a look at the quirky world. Connect at link:

Mission Statement for Interfaith Explorers

“Interfaith Explorers builds bridges by providing interfaith education and events of different faith traditions in the greater Sacramento region.”

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