Interfaith Action Network Monthly
September 2018

Ready, Set, Action
Happy Labor Day!

As the summer will soon come to a close, we are preparing for a busy autumn at the FHJC. Some things to look forward to as we head into the fall: the publication of translated versions of the Fair Housing Toolkit in both Spanish and Chinese (Simplified); the release of a public service announcement video about fair housing rights for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in nursing homes and assisted living facilities; and a special housing policy summit in November.

There is a lot happening, and so much more to come. So let's gear up for the action-packed season ahead!
Below are some educational resources we recommend for you to learn more about fair housing.

  • It's back to school time! Therefore, this is the perfect moment to get a deeper education on the history of racial segregation and discrimination in housing. Consider reading The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein. The Color of Law takes readers through an engaging and powerful history of housing segregation in the United States, and we highly recommend it. If the book seems a bit daunting, check out Richard Rothstein’s interview on NPR to learn more.

  • Let’s talk Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. While the federal Fair Housing Act declared that housing discrimination based on protected characteristics is illegal, the Act also charged the government to do all that it can to further the efforts of fair housing. This means that federal, state, and local governments have a responsibility to actively advance fair housing and eliminate historic and systemic barriers to creating open, accessible, and inclusive community. Recently, HUD announced its intention to roll back the previous administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule, which set out stronger guidelines for cities to comply with this long-ignored provision of the law. Read some of the coverage of this announcement, such as in The Wall Street Journal, Slate, NPR and HousingWire. Also check out Curbed’s article from January explaining the AFFH rule.

  • Download our Fair Housing Toolkit to learn about the history of housing segregation and discrimination, your fair housing rights, educational resources, and ways that you can advance fair housing in your community.

Time to get out and advocate your community! Below are some advocacy updates and ways that you can get involved.

  • Discrimination based on lawful source of income -- or where the money a prospective tenant pays the rent comes from -- is pervasive across the state of New York. However, in most NY counties and cities, there are no legal protections for people using other types of income to pay rent, such as housing vouchers or rental subsidies, from discrimination. For this reason, the #BanIncomeBiasNY Coalition, which the FHJC is a founding member of, is working to amend the State’s Human Rights law to expand the protected classes to include lawful source of income. Click here to join the #BanIncomeBiasNY Coalition. You can also learn more about lawful source of income discrimination by reading the Coalition's fact sheet.

Building the Beloved Community
Want to get involved in the Building the Beloved Community interfaith initiative in some other way? Below are some updates from our interfaith initiative:

  • We are conducting fair housing presentations and events in congregations and communities across the NYC region. If you are interested in hosting an event in your community, click here.

  • We are training representatives of diverse faith communities into leaders and educators will help us achieve this mission. Fair Housing Leaders will attend an in depth training where they will develop a fluency in fair housing issues and in how to use the FHJC’s Fair Housing Toolkit, among other resources, to educate and engage their community. If you are interested in attending a leadership training and volunteering to become a Fair Housing Leader you can email the FHJC’s Education Coordinator Caitlin Mroz at

“As a nation, if we care for the Beloved Community, we must move our feet, our hands, our hearts, our resources to build and not to tear down, to reconcile and not to divide, to love and not to hate,
to heal and not to kill.”

- Congressman John Lewis, Walking with the Wind
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