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Furong Huang Part of New Federal Initiative to Advance Ethical AI

Supported by NSF and DOE, she has been awarded access to the powerful Delta supercomputer to develop and test novel technologies and protocols that will strengthen the ethical foundations of AI.

Director's Message

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” —Henry Ford

Employing Machine Learning to Tackle Addiction Crisis

In collaboration with UMB's School of Pharmacy and a regional drug treatment center, Michael Cummings is analyzing patient intake records to come up with tailored recovery plans for individuals struggling with addiction.

Rudinger Developing LLMs with Commonsense Reasoning

Supported by an NSF CAREER award, she aims to enhance the robustness, fairness and cultural adaptability of large language models to address their limitations in commonsense reasoning and reduce biases.

Improving Autonomy for People with Mobility Issues

Graduate student Amisha Bhaskar is working with others in the Robotics Algorithms & Autonomous Systems Lab to advance robotic-assisted feeding technology.

Dhulipala Honored with ACM Kanellakis Award

He was part of a team recognized for their contributions to algorithm engineering, including several frameworks that revolutionized large-scale graph processing. 

UMD Researchers Devise Novel Framework to Advance Quantum Error Correction

They are developing a new concept built on quantum spherical codes that could make the notoriously fragile information in a photon-based quantum computer less susceptible to errors.

Dedicated to Family, Sports and UMIACS

Fernando Merchan is passionate about his family and New York sports franchises, bringing that same level of commitment to his new role as the business manager for UMIACS.

Clegg Named Director of UMD’s Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing

The associate professor in the College of Information has been appointed director of I4C for the next two years, filling Jan Plane's previous role.

QuICS Fellow Wins IEEE Photonics Society Quantum Electronics Award

Alexey Gorshkov was recognized for his pioneering contributions to the understanding, design and control of interacting quantum systems.

Miers Receives Test of Time Award at IEEE Security Symposium

The MC2 faculty member was recognized for his 2014 paper "Zerocash," which pioneered using zero-knowledge proofs to enhance privacy in blockchain transactions.

UMD Team Unveils Innovative Camera System

Researchers led by Yiannis Aloimonos and Cornelia Fermüller created a new camera system that mimics small eye movements, enhancing resolution for variety of computer vision applications.

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