New Years marks a new beginning. New people to meet, new adventures to enjoy and new memories to create. As we get closer to the new season homeowners become excited and sometimes overwhelmed with their goals for their landscape. Autumn Tree, Lawn & Landscape has sent out this year’s proposal. We offer a 3% prepay discount for work that is authorized and paid in full by March 1, 2019. As always, we offer a 5% senior discount for those of you who are 65 years & older or a 3% first responder/ military discount. W e are thrilled to work with you another year. Here’s wishing you the happiest New Year!

This year all invoices will be emailed or mailed out the day service is completed. Payments are due upon receipt.
Now through February is the driest part of the year. As the Rocky Mountain region continues to experience abnormally dry conditions we urge our customers to schedule deep root watering. You will notice that we have recommended will call watering on your annual proposal.
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Trunk Wrapping
With a dry start for Denver you'll want to pay close attention to your newly planted trees or trees with thin bark. When temperatures drop too quickly it can cause frost cracks in tree trunks. This is more prevalent in south and southwest facing trees due to their exposure. As it freezes it expands the cells in the outer layer which cause it to crack. These cracks are likely to appear annually.

Sunscald affects the inner layer which is responsible for adding to the girth of the trunk. It appears in thin barked trunks of trees that are south and southwest facing. Due to the warmth of the sun the tree absorbs water and by night freezes again causing the cells in the bark to tear. This will cause the bark to turn reddish brown, and become rough. Eventually you'll notice a split. Sunscald will cause poor foliage and stunted growth.

A way to prevent such damage is to wrap the trunks with tree wrap. This can be found at your local home and garden store. Start wrapping at the bottom of the trunk and work your way up to the lowest branch. This will create a shingle effect. Tie off or tape the end so it stays secure. Not to tight though, you'll need to remove it by spring. Trunk wrapping has many other benefits which include preventing wildlife from eating the bark and defuses insects, as well as protects against salt melt damage.

Tree of the Month
Paper Bark Birch
We've chosen the Paper Bark Birch as the tree for January. These trees reach over 60 feet in height with a shallow root system. The leaves are two to four inches long and turn golden yellow in the fall. This tree bares drooping catkins that form small dried fruit (nutlets.) The bark is beautiful white and grey. You'll notice on older trees that their bark peels off in long horizontal paper like strips. Birch trees are highly flammable even when wet which makes for great firewood. Many animals feed on the birch bark in winter.

If considering to add this beauty to your landscape, keep in mind it is best to plant them in small clumps of three or more. This is perfect for use around water features since it can tolerate moist soil. Paper bark birch is a fast grower and can be used for places where you need some shade quickly. Paper Bark Birch is a great choice for your landscape due to it's stunning colors in the fall and its unique bark.
Question of the Month

Q. Am I over-watering or under-watering my trees and shrubs? 

A. If a plant is under watered, the plant roots will be brown and the texture of the leaf will crusty and flake off at touch. If the plant is being over watered, the roots will be yellowish and the texture of the leaf will still be smooth but wilted. There can be other factors such as soil content or solar exposure that can have detrimental effects on plants as well.
Investing in your Trees
It’s easy to think of saving money on your trees by reducing services. However, investing wisely in your trees actually saves more money in the long run. Fixing problems when they are small is less expensive than fixing problems when they are big. Services like preventative pest/disease treatments for Boxwoods and Crabapple trees can protect your landscape from costly replacements.

Mistakes are common when dealing with landscaping and planting and that’s why it’s important to hire a professional. Whether you need advice on planting, tree care or removal Autumn Tree can help! We offer tree and shrub maintenance and installation services for Golden, Arvada, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Denver Metro area.

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