ISSUE 259 | May 30th, 2024

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Breaking the Cycle: Period Poverty More Than a Monthly Issue for One Scranton-Based Organization

The Catherine McAuley Center in Scranton is aiming to decrease the stigma around menstruation discussions, and to bring aid to those in poverty who may struggle with access to menstruation products.

Over 500 million people worldwide do not have proper access to products and care surrounding menstruation.

The Catherine McAuley Center provides free products, education, and community outreach, with a recent visit to Harrisburg hoping to grow their project into surrounding areas. 

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New Philadelphia Task Force Studies Reparations for Black Residents

A new Philadelphia task force is exploring whether the city should provide reparations to Black residents descended from enslaved ancestors, and how those reparations should be carried out.

The discussion of reparations have been a national debate for over two centuries, with solutions rarely making it to an implementation phase.

With the formal launch of the Philadelphia task force completed, the group will begin public meetings, city-wide surveys, and more data gathering to begin its planning for a potential action. 

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Pennsylvania Housing Alliance May Legislative Update


The month of May is considered a vital time to host legislative discussions as budget negotiations begin in June.

The Housing Alliance met with several legislators during the month to discuss the impact of state projects, and to propose new ideas and findings.

See below to review the full list of legislative updates and goals for this month. 

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Economic and Policy News

What Global Factors Could Make Inflation Less Stable

Prior to 2021, most of the strongest world economies experienced a long period of stable, low income.

This stability is affected by monetary policy, pricing, wages, globalization, and other political and economic factors.

In this article, Brookings Fellow Don Kohn and Columbia Business School author Pierre Yared discuss the new research findings on the factors that most noticeably shift inflation stability.  

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Analyzing Proposals for Living Stipends for Students with Financial Need

Many students in higher education struggle with living expenses such as housing, food, and educational supplies, even if they receive grants.

Increasing the amount and scope of the Pell Grant may help to provide students of varying income brackets with a more comfortable student experience.

The Urban Institute discusses the alternative options for basic living stipends for higher education students, as well as the implications of altering Pell Grant functions. 

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How Local Governments Can Put Their Assets to Work

During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments have seen a volatile shift between their expenditures and revenues as compared to the federal government.

With state revenues having declined 13% in real terms in the first three quarters of 2023, and ARPA funds coming to a close, local leaders are now confronting the fact that expenditures remain high as some cities face declining commercial property tax revenues.

Brookings Research examines how local governments can use existing assets to help boost local economies and increase self-sufficiency.

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