ISSUE 258 | May 23rd, 2024

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Canine Comfort: Dogs Offer Support to Students in Growing Number of NEPA Schools

An increasing number of schools have increased their mental health services in NEPA following the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the last few years, there have been more reports of anxiety and depression, which studies show that service dogs help to decrease.

Schools in NEPA are exploring the options available for hosting therapy and service dogs on campuses to raise mental health awareness in schools.

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Costs for PA Prison Systems are Soaring Despite Facility Closures, Putting Officials in the Hot Seat

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has asked for more than $300 million in the upcoming budget, despite a decrease in prison population and the closure of prison facilities. 

Officials must address the federal requirements for prison systems, as well as the availability of funding, raising questions of staffing vacancies and scheduling.

The main question is how the recent closures and decline in incarcerated individuals in the state will affect future funding. 

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PA’s Hydrogen Hubs Stir Concerns Over Health Impacts

The federal government is partnering with private developers to collect public feedback on two upcoming major hydrogen production networks that will be in Pennsylvania.

Part of a nationwide effort to fight climate change, the projects still raise concerns from the communities they will affect, primarily over the potential health impacts.

While many new carbon emissions projects look good on paper, many communities, especially marginalized communities, worry about the long-term implications of such drastic changes these networks create. 

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Economic and Policy News

Is a College Degree Worth it in 2024? 

In the last few years, economic outcomes for young Americans without degrees have improved.

This has also changed the nationwide view of the value of a four-year college degree, with only 22 percent of American adults saying that the cost of college is worth it if someone must take out loans.

Pew Research discusses the shifting opinion on college degrees, as well as how young Americans view post-education opportunities. 

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The Growing Gender Gap Among Young People


Recently, there has been a growing gender gap in young Americans.

The last few years have shown a shift between male and female political trends between young voters, as well as a change between values in young men and women.

Brookings Research discusses the recent “political gender gap”, as well as the changing views that young men and women have on discrimination, voting trends, and more. 

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From Atlanta to DC, Infill Subway Stations are Closing Transit Gaps

Infill stations are gaining popularity in American cities across the nation.

At a time when transportation expansion is equally vital yet expensive, infill stations are an affordable solution to use existing train tracks.

Population growth and a revitalization of public transport has caused an increase of infill stations—Bloomberg discusses their origins, as well as their potential in several urban areas. 

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