ISSUE 256 | May 10th, 2024

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Bucks County Nonprofit Helps Those Who Earn Too Much for Assistance but Lack Emergency Funds

A United Way program in Bucks County called Learn to Invest in Your Future and Thrive is helping to back families that make too much money for federal assistance, but still lack savings in the case of emergency.

LIFT supports locals who are employed but remain financially vulnerable.

The United Way of Bucks County has data to suggest that nearly 29 percent of the national population fits the financially vulnerable category, with almost one third of Bucks County residents qualifying. 

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Lackawanna County Scraps Health Department, Develops New Program OYFS


Lackawanna County will no longer operate a state-certified Department of Health.

It will instead direct resources to a new program to help families and address the understaffed Office of Youth and Family Services.

This program, a first in the state, named the Family First Community Pathways, will address child welfare, housing, nutrition, and other safety resources. 

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Philly’s Green Woods Charter School Earns Green Ribbon Award

The Green Woods Charter school in Roxborough received a green ribbon award last month for its contribution to environmental education.

Green Woods provides green STEM education from kindergarten to eighth grade.

The students participate in hands-on environmental projects and science materials daily to learn about the impacts of climate change and the importance of positive environmental action. 

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Economic and Policy News

Americans’ Changing Relationship with Local News

The environment of the local news in America is changing as digital media and public opinion has shifted in recent years.

A growing share of Americans prefer to get their news online, with fewer using paper or television-based programs.

The Pew Research Center discusses the change in local news consumption, as well as news consumption trends in recent years. 

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Nine Charts About Wealth Inequality in America

Over the last few decades, research shows that American wealth is increasing but so is inequality.

Additionally, wealth inequality is most prevalent between racial and ethnic groups.

The Urban Institute discusses nine charts in which the breakdowns between wealth gaps across the nation are compared to past data. 

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New Jersey Just Took Bold Action on Exclusionary Zoning Model


Early this year, New Jersey enacted statewide legislation that will increase affordable housing access over the next decade, ensuring homes in historically exclusionary communities.

In New Jersey, exclusionary zoning was declared unconstitutional by the state’s Supreme Court by the Mount Laurel decision, which legally mandates that every municipality in the state provide its “fair share” of the region’s affordable housing.

NextCity discusses this mandate as a possible nationwide housing blueprint below. 

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