ISSUE 253 | April 18, 2024

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East Stroudsburg University Launches Education Pipeline Program Amidst National Teacher Shortage

East Stroudsburg University has launched the Aspiring Educator Pathway Program to bolster statewide teacher enrollment amidst a national shortage.

In the last decade, the number of certified teachers has declined by over 76 percent, with less students enrolling in education fields in colleges.

Reaching over a dozen schools statewide, the program is pairing high schoolers with mentors for clinical experiences, offering dual-enrollment classes, and creating in school educator resources such as clubs, workshops, and consulting. 

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Philadelphia Gun Violence Victims Find Support Through Residents and Nonprofits

Over the last four years, Philadelphia has seen a spike in gun violence, with factors such as poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic attributing to a rise in crime.

Nonprofit New Options, More Opportunities (NOMO), provides job training, mental health counseling, and violence prevention to help combat urban gun violence in Philadelphia.

Other nonprofits such as Mothers in Charge and EMIR are also launching community building programs in order to prevent further violence from impacting communities through art and interpersonal connections.

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Shapiro Administration Highlights Recent Achievements in Bolstering Long-Term Care for Seniors

The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Human Services, and Aging have announced several achievements for the improvement of long-term care for aging Pennsylvanians.

This comes after the pandemic called into question the existing infrastructure and staffing of care facilities.

Some of the announcements include $10 million in care funding, investing in new communication devices, and establishing new career ladders for care worker support. 

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Economic and Policy News

New Census Data Hints at an Urban Population Revival Assisted by Immigration


As recently released estimate by the Census Bureau suggested that an urban population revival is taking place in some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas.

A rise in immigration, especially in post-pandemic years, may be a contributing factor to this revival.

The data below gathered over the last year discusses recent population shifts, as well as the factors behind significant urban population shifts.  


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Regulation of PFAS Chemicals in Water Supply Strains City Budgets

The Environmental Protection Agency is launching its first ever regulation of PFAS chemicals, or forever chemicals, in the nation’s water supply.

However, many local governments are faced with as dilemma on how the funding needed to comply will be gathered.

Between 3,400 and 6,300 public water systems serving up to 94 million Americans could be impacted by the ruling and may cost local governments up to $1.7 billion nationwide annually. 

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NYC Office of Livable Streets Aims to Make Streets Safer and Greener

New York City is launching the Office of Livable Streets, a new initiative to make city streets usable for all modes of transportation, as well as make a greener and more walkable street front.

The new office is a rebrand of the Office of Street Improvements, and according to the NYC Department of Transportation, is the first office of its kind in the nation.

The initiative will look into the design of street signs, sidewalks, businesses, lighting, and more street additions to transform a more safe, accessible community around city street systems.

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