ISSUE 248 | March 14, 2024

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Scranton Bakery to Support Reentrants Hopes to Raise Awareness

Scranton-based St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is partnering with a local district parole office to launch a vocational bakery program for reentrants.

The bakery, modeled after Los Angeles’s Homeboy Bakery, will provide training and income for formerly incarcerated individuals in Lackawanna County, which advocates say have increased obstacles for societal reentry.

The program is actively raising funds for kitchen renovations to launch its first operations. 

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Program that Serves Hospice Patients Keeps Pets in Mind

Pet Peace of Mind is a local hospice service that helps patients care for their pets.

Run by Allied Services, this volunteer program backed by the Scranton Area Community Foundation and Spitz Foundation provides assistance such as dog walking, pet sitting, and appointment coordination.

Pet Peace of Mind has had growing success in Lackawanna County since its launch in 2020, and is looking to expand into Luzerne County. 

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Haverford Township Conducts 'Safe Streets for All' Study

Haverford Township has launched a Safe Streets for All study in the pursuit of reducing injuries and fatalities on their roadways.

The study will focus on areas such as updating signage, accommodating increased vehicle activity, and reinforcing safe walkways for pedestrians and bicycles.

This comes as a series of safety action plans introduced in Delaware County to support its Zero Vision Study, a program that seeks to reinvent a universally safe transportation system. 

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Economic and Policy News

The US Prison Population is Graying Fast, Prisons Aren’t Ready

A recent study shows that the proportion of incarcerated Americans aged 55 and older is approximately five times higher than it was in the last few decades.

Many prison systems nationwide are facing challenges on how to accommodate the unique health care needs of a rapidly aging prison population.

From building new specialized facilities to reexamining the possibility of release, these coming challenges open a wider discussion on acts such as the 1994 Crime Bill, as well as how society views aging and elderly inmates.  


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Making Sure College Pays Off for Jobs in Health, Education, and Social Services

The 2024 Gainful Employment Rule has mandated more systematic reporting on earnings and debt data for specific higher education degrees and careers.

This comes as a growing national concern over the relationship between student debt and the wages upon entering the workforce.

The Urban Institute discusses its study regarding the question: Is college “worth it?” 

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Governors Island Climate Tech Projects Explore Water Infrastructure

The New York Metropolitan Area is piloting six new programs that will explore ways to use technology for climate preservation.

Hosted on Governors Island, several companies will install, and test equipment and procedures designed to make cities more sustainable.

These pilot projects are all centered around water, and will address issues such as urban pollution, drinking water infrastructure, and rising tides. 

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