ISSUE 247 | March 7, 2024

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Philadelphia City Council Hearing on Climate Change Offers Three Big Takeaways

This week, members of the Philadelphia City Council have discussed its pledge to out its climate pollution by 2050, as well as several other emissions and climate goals.

One major project that the city has piloted is its widespread solar panel system, which is expected to power over one fourth of city buildings.

The council is also planning to expand its tree canopy, use more sustainable public lighting, and invest in more walking and cycling avenues for the city. 

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PA Prison Improves Accommodation for Inmates with Developmental Disabilities

A prison in Albion, Pennsylvania, is the first in the state to provide accommodation for inmates who struggle with physical coping needs, overstimulation, and other developmental challenges.

Some of the accommodations include sensory rooms and trained staff to help facilitate sensory processing and communication, subsequently minimizing further acts of discipline and decline in mental health.

Although there are no comprehensive studies on how many neurodivergent and intellectually disabled inmates reside in the U.S., some studies estimate that nearly 25 percent have cognitive impairments. 

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PA Farmers Seek Higher Eminent Domain Payments Amid Highway Projects

A recent highway project in Centre County has prompted farmers to call for a reexamination of Pennsylvania’s Eminent Domain processes.

Eminent Domain is the government’s legal process for taking private lands and properties and converting them into areas for public use, specifically falling under the category of “public benefit.”

The Pennsylvania Farming Bureau is calling for the expansion of criteria for determining payments for land acquired through Eminent Domain. 

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Minneapolis Coffee Shop Combats Youth Homelessness One Employee at a Time


Wildflyer Coffee in Minneapolis is driving a city-wide mission to end youth homelessness through its employment program.

The café specializes in providing youth experiencing homelessness with professional skills, mental health services, and steady employment.

Similar youth training programs have been implemented in states such as California and Texas. 


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Analysis Reveals Racial and Ethnic Inequities in Booming U.S. Stock Market

The stock market has nearly reached record high numbers in the last few months; however, these numbers are projected to predominantly benefit White families.

White families are likeliest to own stocks - over 20 percent likelier than Black families and nearly 40 percent likelier than Hispanic families.

The Pew Research Center explores various factors and findings from analysis comparing the racial groups that benefit from stock ownership and trading.  

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Connections Between Education and Economic Mobility Need to Be Clarified

Education has been shown to influence students likelihood of upward economic mobility.

Nonetheless, limited information is available about how schools promote economic skills needed for long-term success.

A report from the Urban Institute Research encourages ongoing and multifaceted research exploring how schools should effectively introduce skills for upward mobility in K-12 classes. 

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