ISSUE 199 | March 23, 2023

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Economic and Policy News

Local educational institutions address food insecurity   


Hunger Free Campus grants have been awarded to six colleges and universities to address student food insecurity in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

Lackawanna College is among this group, receiving $200,000 for the supply of pantries.

One in three college students battle with food insecurities – particularly during weekends and breaks. 

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The University of Scranton celebrates new multicultural center


The University of Scranton’s student body is more diverse than ever – 27 percent of students are people of color and 30 percent are first generation.

In accordance with this growth, the university opened a new and larger-scale multicultural center.

As part of its diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan, the school is also marketing to broader geographic areas and offering enhanced financial packages.

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Virtual aid options foster inmate reintegration   

Re-Entry 2.0 is a Florida-based nonprofit consisting of various community stakeholders who meet regularly via Zoom.

Their objective is to support inmates as they are released from prison, ensuring smooth transitions.

This program has expanded to several other states, including Pennsylvania, and has been connected to lower recidivism rates.

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Economic and Policy News

Rural regions receive support for science and technology investments

Increasing scientific research across the nation is a matter of geographic equity.

That’s why two dozen largely rural states will receive $102 billion in grants via the National Science Foundation over a period of five years.

Funds may be used to improve cyber and physical infrastructure, foster collaboration across states, and enroll more people who are women, minorities, or disabled into technology and science programs.

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$1 Million Awarded to Cities for Bicycle Infrastructure


Ten cities are receiving assistance from the Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure to create bike lanes and boost bike ridership.

This effort emphasizes rider safety while aiming for reduced reliance on cars.

Cities such as Oakland, California and Austin, Texas have successfully implemented such infrastructure.

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Limiting waste emerges as formidable climate change solution  

Climate change solutions must not only address greenhouse gas emissions, they must do so amid various economic, social, and political events.

Better waste management will go a long way; nationwide, 42 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to waste.

Locations like Detroit have set up zero-waste strategies that “can create 200 times as many jobs as disposal methods like landfilling and incineration.”

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