ISSUE 197 | March 8, 2023

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Reintegration grants support services for women and mothers

More than 70 percent of incarcerated women statewide are also mothers imprisoned and recidivism numbers are growing.

To equip women with essential life skills and resources, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) has awarded grants to two Monroe County organizations and another in Luzerne County.

The Women’s Reentry Services Initiatives Program helps reduce the pattern of reincarceration and remove stigmas. 

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Affordable housing matches gain momentum  


The Shared Housing And Resource Exchange (SHARE) program, first experimented during 2017 in Pike, Monroe, and Wayne Counties, was later executed in other counties throughout the state.

In each case, two applicants (one 18 years or older and another 60 years or older) agree to work with SHARE counselors and to pay rental rates not exceeding 30 percent of their income.

Nearly 100 matches have been completed statewide, allowing participants to save money while minimizing the likelihood of senior isolation.

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People with Parkinson’s fight back through boxing    

Founder and coach at Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Rock Steady Boxing offers tailored classes to senior citizens.

In particular, she helps those with Parkinson’s disease navigate struggles with movement and balance.

According to the CDC and the Parkinson’s Foundation, aerobics and flexibility exercises as well as strength workouts can slow the progression of the disease.

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Oregon homeless center supports behavioral health

A coalition of Portland social service agencies is expanding an initiative that assists people who are homeless and who face mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Resources include peer support, mentorship, and community referrals.

Meta-analysis of research surrounding peer intervention models suggests lasting positive impact.

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Recommendations encourage equity in education 


Educational inequities have become more visible in recent years, prompting stakeholders to recommend policies that mitigate such disparities.

States can implement equity metrics and interventions uniquely designed for diverse and underserved populations.

They can also retain educators who represent their student populations and use high-quality, inclusive data to make informed decisions.

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Cleveland restauranteur offers culinary training to former inmates

Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute in Cleveland is known for more than fine dining – the establishment also provides culinary training to people who have been incarcerated.

Since 2013, 2,000 people have received education at the institute and 600 have graduated.

Expansion in 2020 involved a new location, a childcare center, a 30-hour curriculum, and a donation of 400,000 tablets to prisons.

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