ISSUE 192 | February 1, 2023

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Broadband access is expanding in the Commonwealth 

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) data has revealed that four percent of Pennsylvania residents lack access to efficient broadband internet.

In November 2022 the FCC released maps that reveal broadband connectivity at a granular level.

These maps were developed by internet service providers and will facilitate the allocation of federal grant money to the regions most in need.

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Healthcare network navigates financial stressors 

From January 2022 through September 2022, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) reported approximately $200 million in profits – less than the $800 million gained during the first three quarters of 2021.

UPMC’s network includes 40 hospitals with around 92,000 employees, and several recent capital investments in the form of construction in Oakland.

The loss of funds over the year is thought to be the result of rising labor expenses due to employee shortages as well as other operational and supply-chain problems.

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Pittsburgh opens new facility for people facing homelessness  

Among the 650 Allegheny County residents who faced homelessness in the fall of 2022, 200 went without shelter.

This challenge is being remedied through the completion of a new shelter in downtown Pittsburg.

Supply chain issues had initially delayed construction of the 45,000-square-foot facility to include 95 bunkbeds, 125 shelter beds, and 43 dorm-style rooms equipped with appliances. 

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Economic and Policy News

Farm helps reduce food insecurity with fresh produce


A New York farm has altered its business model to provide produce to mutual aid groups for distribution throughout food deserts in New York City.

These donations are supported through fundraisers and another nonprofit assists with food delivery.

Over 17,000 pounds of produce were distributed last year and the farm’s leaders hope to donate 70 percent of their harvest this year.

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Digital equity improves through collaboration 


Accessibility is a complex concept, extending beyond mere availability.

In the case of broadband accessibility, for instance, factors such as cost, speed, language tools, device usage, and user proficiency must be considered.

Three U.S. cities act as case studies for the successful bridging of the digital divide. 

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Baltimore to increase homeownership with $1 homes


Baltimore’s City Council President wants to rebuild neighborhoods by selling 15,000 vacant buildings for $1 per listing.

New homeowners must agree to rehabilitate the homes using grants up to $50,000, though the grantees must be pre-approved for construction loans.

This effort is unique because it targets potential homeowners instead of developers. 

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