ISSUE 188 | January 4, 2023

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Community of retirees in Philly support local entrepreneurs   

The Circle of Aunts and Uncles (CAU) is a group of 45 retirees who serve as mentors and help young entrepreneurs in various industries.

They have awarded $358,000 in loans to 26 businesses in over seven years, and three percent of interest on all loans is circulated back into the fund.

During the height of COVID-19, the group also distributed grants to help businesses remain open and on growth trajectories.

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PA lags behind nation in growing advanced industry jobs  


Although workforce opportunities in Pennsylvania have improved with positions involving aerospace, medical supplies, and chemical manufacturing, the Brookings Institute indicated that the state trails the nation when it comes to advancing innovation industries.

Occupations including semiconductor and electric component manufacturing and medical and diagnostic labs have contracted, with shortcomings regarding advanced degrees in STEM fields.

To overcome these challenges and inequities, policy suggestions include funding for innovation hubs, as well as increased competitiveness and strengthening of programs for entrepreneurs.

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Fruit trees improve community well-being in Philly


The Philadelphia Orchard Project was created 15 years ago to reduce food insecurity in under-resourced communities.

It has enabled the panting of fruit trees, vines, bushes, and other plants in 67 sites.

The project is responsible for 40 percent of the 25,000 trees that produce food for pantries. 

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Economic and Policy News

Data-driven insights contribute to solutions for enhanced public safety 

Data must inform decision-making to ensure effective problem-solving strategies.

The Alliance for Safety and Justice has been studying violence and has identified a strategy – Scaling Safety – that helps communities make smarter public safety investments.

Programs that address the safety gap are common-sense approaches and include support for crime victims, community-based violence prevention, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and programs for people exiting the justice system.

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End users offer valuable knowledge in the development of effective support programming

Service programming is often designed from the perspectives of service providers, which leads to disappointing outcomes.

That’s why The Institute always includes the intended recipients in research and considers their input in recommendations for program structure, service delivery, and standard operations.

The movement is taking place across the country as “lived experience” individuals design human service programs. 

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Mental health remains a major issue and care remains a major challenge

Funding for crisis care is sparse, emergency rooms struggle with staffing shortages, behavioral health programming is inconsistent, many service providers lack sufficient training in matters of mental health.

Stabilization teams, bridge clinics, and in-home support can offer triage to people in immediate need of mental health care.

These safeguards may be offered in emergency rooms, through the justice system, and elsewhere.

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