ISSUE 179 | October 19, 2022

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LGBTQ+ senior housing project in Philadelphia joins dozens across U.S.


The LGTBQ+ community has a higher incidence of homelessness than the larger population, which is why a 56-unit building in Philadelphia opened in 2014.

Run by SAGE, a NYC housing nonprofit specializing in LGBTQ+ housing, it is currently full with a wait list of 200.

The senior LGBTQ+ community tends to rely on informal caregiving networks caregiving; thus, a specialized housing complex like this one helps people build networks in a safe environment. 

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Manufacturing study suggests that Pennsylvania is missing out on growth opportunities

Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector has always been robust.

It is still a major part of the NEPA economy, but research indicates that the state is not competing aggressively for new growth.

In a new study, 500 manufacturers tell the state what it needs to do. 

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Housing developments are underway but shortage still persist 


Issuance of building permits in Pennsylvania has increased by eight percent since 2019.

It is not enough to mitigate the housing shortage, however.

NEPA is not yet seeing major residential permit growth in its communities, where over half the housing stock was developed during or prior to the 1950s. 

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Economic and Policy News

Policymakers use data to better understand impact of legislation

Colorado lawmakers are referencing demographic notes on proposed legislation to better understand the impact (good or bad) of proposed policy on different types of constituents.

Secondary data from a variety of sources is evaluated by researchers for inclusion in the policy notes.

This practice of informed decision-making can serve as a model for other states.

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Old zoning codes for warehousing create ecommerce sprawl and other issues

Zoning codes for warehousing were created decades ago, when warehousing only involved storage.

Now, oversized buildings, trucks, and employee vehicles in logistics centers contribute heavily to air pollution and congestion.

Zoning codes have not kept pace with the ever-changing logistics industry and therefore, these outdated laws affect air quality as well as traffic and commuting patterns. 

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Systems modification proposed for public health improvement 


A 2021 Institute report highlighted the fragmented public health infrastructure in Pennsylvania and provided several recommendations for system improvement.

The Bipartisan Policy Organization has also proposed a new framework for effective stewardship of federal funds.

It contains relevant and timely recommendations as well.

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Research Spotlight:

While the public health infrastructure is a critical component in protecting and promoting health of residents, it is often an afterthought until a crisis or emergency occurs, when short-term, reactionary funding is used to address the immediate needs. Click below to review The Institute's exploration of this issue.

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