ISSUE 176 | September 28, 2022

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Economic and Policy News

Department of Labor & Industry announces $2.5 million in Schools-To-Work grants 


The grants were developed to support partnerships between schools, employers, and workforce development organizations.

This second phase of funding amounts to $2.5 million, which will be awarded in increments of $250,000.

The awards may be used for classroom training, workplace visits, internships, mentorships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, externships, hiring, and additional resources.

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Philadelphia residents can now register for monkeypox vaccine


Philly residents can now register online for monkeypox vaccines, but the shots are not guaranteed.

They are only administered to individuals with certain risk factors and susceptibility to the disease.

The city has also invested in programming to better educate people about treatment and prevention.  

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Commission to revitalize Eckley Miner’s Village with sustainability in mind


With support from the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission is reimagining the 90-acre historical site in Luzerne County.

Plans include an interdisciplinary research center as well as overnight lodging for resident researchers.

Visitors will be able to connect with the state’s industrial heritage, and revenue will support preservation projects and museum programs.

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Research Spotlight: The 2022 research conducted by The Institute's Education and Workforce Development Task Force addresses the impact of COVID on K-12 learning and post-secondary workforce development. Use the link below to access the full report.

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Economic and Policy News

NY participatory budget creates more community impact

Thirty-three community-based organizations are implementing a new participatory budgeting process, overseen by New York City’s Civic Engagement Commission (CEC). 

The concept has grown from the city council’s 2011 decision to allow residents to allocate part of their capital discretionary funds.

According to Daniella Eras, a CEC participatory budgeting advisor, “This model had [community-based organizations] lead the process from start to finish...working alongside residents on proposals and getting them on ballots.”

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Chicago town embraces city-level energy generation 

Bronzeville has its own microgrid in the shape of a big battery, painted with murals in a public space.

It allows the community to connect with other microgrids and share electricity; this particular grid connects with rooftop solar and natural gas-fired generators.

The system contributes to climate change reduction because the community controls the scale and mix of renewables. 

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Workforce program for former inmates boosts construction industry


The Hatch Program prepares participants for work in the construction industry.

After completing three weeks of job training, resiliency counseling, and hot meals, participants are introduced to employers in a 500-hour journeyman carpenter program.

Those not hired at that point are offered work on public construction projects, where there is a 10-percent at-risk employment threshold to gain more experience. 

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