ISSUE 174 | September 14, 2022

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Philly art project engages people in city budget development

“A People’s Budget,” produced by Mural Arts Philadelphia, invites people to share art that reflects ideal city spending.

In 2022, the project focused on themes of relationship exchange, city protection, learning and growth, shared-space living, and government and administration.

The results are dozens of posters that raise awareness of important issues and foster a sense of community engagement in the budgetary process.  

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Latino immigrants responsible for population growth

As described in the 2022 Indicators Report, Northeast Pennsylvania would not have experienced population growth without immigrant migration into the region.

This trend correlates with others across the country.

Cities that did not diversify have faced shrinking populations over the past several decades. 

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Study on COVID performance ranks PA in top 15

On a national scale, Pennsylvania ranks 20 of 50 in terms of medical debt policies.

A recent study identified policies to reduce accrual of medical debts, increase ability to resolve debt out of court, improve accessibility and equity for people navigating medical debt without lawyers, and minimize the negative consequences for debtors after court.

Maryland, California, and Maine are the top three states. 

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Data Spotlight: The 2022 Indicators report contains data beyond regional population trends. Use the link below to explore all sorts of insights surrounding life in Northeastern Pennsylvania - from education and employment to housing, health, and civic engagement!

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Economic and Policy News

People who have successfully transitioned from prison now support others

The connection between trauma and incarceration runs deep.

2016 study found that people reporting four or more traumatic experiences were five times likelier to be incarcerated than those reporting none. 

Silent Cry addresses these dynamics by offering healing support, self-development workshops, youth engagement programming, and legislative advocacy.

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Employers downcredential jobs to deal with the labor shortage

Efforts by some state governments to boost hiring are now being adopted by companies and the federal government.

In the wake of the labor shortage and pandemic, organizations are focusing on job skills instead of four-year degrees to fill some occupations.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, in the next five years this trend could make 1.4 million jobs available to people without college degrees.

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Arts and culture aim to bring awareness and economic development to south LA. 


Funded by New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC), Destination Crenshaw is a 1.3-mile art walk focusing on black history and culture.

The objective is to foster a sense of culture, functioning in a manner similar to Little Italy and Chinatown. 

In addition to the creation of arts and cultural infrastructure, the project will foster business development and employment opportunities.

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