ISSUE 153 | April 20, 2022
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New pilot to address climate and housing issues 
The Built to Last program offers holistic property assessments to homeowners with low incomes.

Energy solutions include solar roofing and service delivery adjustments that enhance efficiency.

The improvements also create jobs and other economic ripple effects.

Philadelphia next to try guaranteed income programming 
Beginning in late 2022, 60 residents will receive $500 per month as part of a basic income pilot.

Recipients will also receive case management, counseling, and career pathway supports through Philadelphia’s WorkReady initiative.

The program’s start is predicated on approval from the state Department of Human Services, to ensure that other benefits are not affected by the payments.

Medicaid to cover new mothers for a year after childbirth
Historically, new mothers in Pennsylvania received Medicaid assistance for 60 days after childbirth.

The American Rescue Plan Act (APRA) has extended the coverage period to one year, and Pennsylvania has followed suit.

Medicaid covers about 33 percent of births statewide. 

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Economic and Policy News
Mayors continue to battle homelessness in their cities
In a recent survey of 126 Mayors in 39 states, 73 percent of mayors indicated that they believe their citizens expect them to resolve homelessness.

Over 80 percent do not think they have the control to do so, however, due to funding challenges and NIMBYism.

Cities also tend to have lean or no staff to assist in this area, so police must respond to individuals who are homeless. 

South Carolina county leverages arrests in order to hasten treatment
Many people who struggle with mental health issues lack access to quality care.

One South Carolina county is combatting this challenge by arresting these individuals.

Pending charges facilitate access to treatment, and although this course of action is not an ideal solution, it is readily available. 
COVID-era job market thriving for noncollege workers
To account for the worker shortage and the onset of the pandemic, many employers have lowered their education requirements for certain positions.

There have been an additional 2.3 million online postings for jobs that pay above the national annual median wage, and which do not require a bachelor’s degree. 

This has been the case across various occupations categories.

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