ISSUE 151 | April 6, 2022
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Worker-owned cooperatives represent a new level of entrepreneurship
The owners of Barbacoa, a Mexican restaurant located in Philadelphia, are renowned advocates for workers who are undocumented and lack eligibility for many types of assistance.

They discovered a unique opportunity during their search for authentic masa (a corn ground for tortillas and tamales).

The result is a worker-owned cooperative partnering with local farmers. 

Federal Reserve Bank explores city-level poverty through a wide lens
There is a substantial gap in poverty rates for the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding area.

This disparity underscores the importance of regionalization, and indicates need for greater understanding of city-level poverty.

An article from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and highlights the roles of state governments regarding regional issues.  

People of color experience heightened financial insecurity in PA
Throughout the pandemic, financial well-being has worsened for individuals in low-income and moderate-income neighborhoods.

Federal intervention has been helpful, but its long-term impact remains unclear.

A new series of briefs explores relevant trends and debt patterns in regions throughout Pennsylvania.

Data Spotlight!
City-level and regional data are available on The Institute's new interactive dashboard! Check it out using the link below, and explore the upgraded website design as well!
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Economic and Policy News
Denver program successfully disrupts homelessness
Advocates have long asserted that supportive housing programs are critical to the battle against homelessness.

A five-year evaluation report from the Urban Institute confirm this assertion.

Findings indicate that the Denver Supportive Housing Social Impact Bond Initiative has effectively disrupted connections between homelessness and the legal system while managing city finances prudently. 

Health Impact Project supports maternal and family health
Teams in nine states and Washington D.C. are connecting health care providers, state agencies, and other community-based organizations to improve health and reduce inequities in communities of color.

Teams offer support in areas such as training, technical assistance, development of work plans.

Research suggests that this level of involvement will help “institutionalize best practices.”

National mental health hotline slated to go live in July
Facing an already overwhelmed mental health care infrastructure, access to well-trained responders is vital for people in crisis.

A three-digit hotline (988) will offer immediate counseling and connection to in-person assistance.

NYC Well serves as an exemplary model, with counselors and recovery workers who speak more than 200 languages and offer effective response while also diverting need for emergency care. 

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